ocean champ spawn

this is an idea ive had for a while think it might be fun.
here's my thought

exactly the same as a land based champ spawn just in the ocean with ships.
lvl 1
water eles
sea serpents
lvl 2 
ocean eles
deep sea serpents
lvl 3
dragon turtle hatchlings
lvl 4
orc pirate ships
end boss
pirate over lord on a fully armed britian ship
have to scuttle it to get on board to kill him

both tram and fel 
high seas style of loot and special drops

monsters can be killed by grape shot or just normal combat
pirate ships sink in 30 seconds
pirate ships will have cargo holds containing
25-30 cannon balls
25-30 grape shot
25-30 powder charges
25-30 fuses
400-600 cloth
400-600 boards
400-600 ingots

entire spawn area plus say a screen further out will be considered shore line so you can do repairs on your ships and cannons anywhere while in the spawn area.
champ spawn area will be have a small chain of islands around it 
there will be a couple of ankh alter on a couple of the islands

special drops from the boss would be design plans for new ships.
special paint hews 
flags for the mast of your ships (ship add on)
sail decals
boat decals
boat add on's like mermaids, sea serpent heads, dragon heads etc. for the front 

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