Final Boss idea for Atlantic events

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 118Event Moderator
Greetings everyone, I have an idea and would like to get some feedback.  Currently the way I have been doing my boss/drop events is I will pull both bosses in at the end in the same location and let you guys have at em.  I even spread them up a screen or two so its not as laggy.  Last event on Feb 7th, there was a ton of lag and a lot of people were frozen and even crashed making it unplayable.  I have talked with a few players about this issue and I know some of you have mentioned to me before about how bad the lag is with all the flashy effects from both bosses.
I would like to suggest something and see what you guys think.  Im not sure how many of you have done and boss/drop event on Great Lakes.  What they do is, they will drop 2 moongates at the end of the event leading to 2 secluded areas in Ilshenar where the crowd is split up depending on which moongate you go in.  Once everyone has made it into each moongate and the crowd is at each location they will pull in the boss for each group.  This way the lag of the crowd and all the flashy effects from the boss is split up between each spot and not grouped together in 1 location.  This method seems like a great option for a large sized shard like Atlantic.  This should help with the lag and the crashing of clients.  Please let me know what you think. Comment below and lets chat about it


  • I think it's definitely worth trying and seeing how it goes! Thanks for listening to our concerns. It's really awesome that you hear us and are willing to take steps to make events fun for everyone! 
  • GraceGrace Posts: 113
    The splitting groups up would entice me go try an event again!  I lag so bad, always have.

    Thank you for thinking about doing this!
  • as the "House Mouse " says   go for it !!!!! Thank you for helping us  *SQUEEK < SQUEEK*

  • EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 118Event Moderator
    Thanks.  I will be giving it a try in March
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