Essence of Fire - Thursday February 7th 9pm EST

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Greetings everyone - Donald Ressler is requesting your help again with protecting another tribe from and evil presence.  Join in at Serpent Warrior's Guild - Gates will be provided from Luna and Brit Bank

Fiction - 

Takii moved carefully among the towering Stalagmites to the heart of the mountain.  Moving slowly and with stealth to avoid notice by the sentinels. A mighty rumble throughout the cavern made him pause and widen his stance for balance. The rumbling below his feet has been increasing in frequency over the last days creating great concern. As the elder of the watchers of the Essence of the Fire the fate of the eternal flame was on his shoulders. Takii moved into the cavern of the flame and drifted to the altar to view the steadfast fire below. Holding the flame within the heart of a dying volcano, it is harnessed by magic to make the heat bearable. Takii looked into the fire that had been entrusted to his clan for 40 generations. Suddenly he dropped to his knees in shock as for the first time in history the flame wavered as if a strong gust of wind had blown past. Watching the fire as it slowly regained its original brilliance Takii knew that the time for hiding his fears was no more. Something was coming……
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