Trouble with Macro in EC

I'm not very good with macros to begin with (which is funny, considering how much havoc I wreaked on the corporate world with early computer macros) and I'm having a hard time getting a SIMPLE one to work.

I just want to hit my key and bandage myself then hide. That's it. I have it set up right now to Bandage Self then the Hide skill but it doesn't hide me. I tried putting a delay in, but that didn't work either. It works fine the opposite way but, of course, I unhide the second I put a bandie on.

What am I doing wrong?


  • TimTim Posts: 651
    First thought how long a delay did you put in? Was it long enough for the bandage to finish? Healing probably unhides you when the HP are added and you get the message.

    No time to try myself today but an interesting problem.
  • Only a second, then I tried two. The healing doesn't unhide me, the act of putting the bandage does. I can use my bandage self macro then IMMEDIATELY hit my Hide macro and it works but I'm looking for a one-button solution, not a two.
  • TimTim Posts: 651
    Finally got home and it seem to works for me. 
    First square bandages (target self) second square "hiding" skill 

    I only have the base 20 human healing skill (gm hiding) but it puts the bandage on then hides me. 

    Sorry but know idea why it isn't working for you.
  • OMG thank you!

    I was using the actual Bandage Self in the macros. I tried it just as you explained and works like a charm!!!!
  • ParnocParnoc Posts: 199
    Yeah, that "Bandage Self" in all clients has always been iffy and unreliable for me and I do NOT need that when I am trying to heal.
  • TimTim Posts: 651
    Good I was glad to help 
    As with so many things in UO macros are buggy as hell. The fewer steps as posable the better.
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