Through the Eyes of the Dragon

Winter is extreme this year, the bitter winds against my scales almost feels like burning, yet the fire within me and the fire in my soul sustain my warmth and keep me alive. However My mate Airva feels the cold much more this year, expecting she carries the heirs of our clan and to DragonStone. They shall be the very soul of DragonStone. While our Masters flit around with no thoughts of what stirs with us , the Dragons. There has been an uneasiness with the Dragons of DragonStone, with the heirs soon on the way and the masters busy with whatever it is Humans and Elf do, we have been restless. They all to well have forgotten there is an Object that can destroy us, the Dragons of DragonStone, and has been guarded for generations. With my children soon to come into this world it is time to hide the object ourselves, Destard has been plundered by poachers for weeks now Riktor has been weakened and the object can only be kept hidden so long before finally the humans realize its there and take it. DragonStone was to guard Destard and they are failing in their duties, so the time has come I shall take the object and hide it away myself, elsewhere. 

Inside Destard the Dragons here were even more restless, humans are invading them daily and taking their young, for pets.The sad roars of mothers morning the absense of their young. It is heart breaking but I manage to make my way to the back of the cave, standing directly in front of the rock that has kept hidden this object for many years. Reaching between the boulders with my claws I can feel the cold steel, wrapping my claw around it I pull it from the rocks. Confident I have the perfect location chosen to hide the object and a den built to house my pregnant mate for the birth of our offspring, I fly to the entrance and take flight to my destination. Aitva awaits me and one among the human of DragonStone she wants brought there, her Master, Jaden Rain. Prying Jaden from all that has kept her busy will be a task but once she sees the object i hold I believe all else will be petty and she will willingly be ready to come with me where I lead. 

Flying over DragonStone Village I scan the perimeter for that pink dress, of coarse as if i would not know she stands on the steps of DragonStone Hall speaking to Centu. Both looking up to the skys they watch as I make my landing near them and the ground rumbles with the landing. With a few deep huffs, they both look at me knowing my worry, out-stretchng my claw they both see the object I hold. With a wrinkled Brow I can see the concern on Jadens face as Centu tells her to go with me. She will soon see all to well where i take her, a place she once took me as a welp. 

Into Britainna we go then to head to the coast, standing on the shore I look back to her to insure she is ready for the flight over the sea, with a nod to me she knows I believe where we go, without a word spoke she senses my very thoughts and we make way to the Lair and to Airva and to hide away this object that could destroy us. Reaching the Lair the sounds are loud the bellowing and moan of Airva echos from the lair, the time is here and good that we have arrived in time, rushing between the vines of the cave opening Jaden forces her way in and makes haste to get to Airva, to her very link to the clan. As I myself pace the sands outside the lair. The time drags on and it seems an eternity and the moans from within the cave continue with a pause between some. The sky grows dark and night is creeping in, at that moment i notice Jaden emerge from the cave, rubbing my snout and patting the top of my head she whispers " She has had a very hard time and is very weak I am going to mark a rune here and recall to the alchemy room at the castle for herbs and potions to help ease her pain and give her strength, I will not be long" smiling at me I hear the words, " you are the Father of 4 baby Dragons, go see your children and watch them and Airva until my return". With the cast and the chant " Kal Por Ylem" the rune is marked and magically next she disappears.

Entering the cave I see poor Airva drained from the birth of the babies, then I see them an array of colorful scales, one welp with the hues of red, one grey as I am, and from behind those two pops the head of a beautiful blue scaled baby but I know I heard Jaden say there were four nudging them with my snout there snuggled underneath the others , the runt a tiny multi colored scaled Drake. With a huff I look towards Airva wondering where this came from, but mattering not I see the weakness and i then begin to pace, and perhaps in such cramped quarters pacing outside in the sand would be best. Airva and I had built quite an Oasis among the dark mountain and sand and a secluded location, which reminds me the object of our destruction lay on the ground at the entrance of the lair it must be secured and hidden here away from travelers and off the beaten track. I grab the thing with my claws and thrust it into the stone floor inside the lair and here it will remain and well guarded. Turning to glance at the entrance I see Jaden struggling through the vines into the cave, seeing me and the object lodged into the floor, she moves towards it and tugs on it, not a budge it is secure, nodding at me she speaks " Well done will be tough for anyone to get that and steal it", then turning towards Airva her attention goes to giving Airva the potions and convincing her to swallow the herbs. The remainder of the night would be long and maybe Jaden would cuddle up next to Airva and sleep but I would continue to pace the sands outside.

Blinking I awaken, I had fallen asleep after all, outside the cave crouched over the entrance of the cave. My head half hanging over the entrance I can hear a noise from inside, rolling down the hill I plop onto the ground quickly up on my feet making way inside the lair to see the most beautiful sight, My Mate cleaning and cuddling the babies, lifting her head her strength is returning and all will be good now. and we will be the family that guards the Heart of DragonStone and the object that can destroy us.....

((OCC: With a series of clues you can find this object that can destroy us or the Heart of DragonStone you can ask for randsom for the objects or you can try to destroy us, but banded together we may be more powerful then the object that could destroy us, or you may have other ideas what you wish to do with the objects, in case this continues please make randsom one mil or less. So start watching for clues or where to find clues, the story is full of clues))
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