Tavern Night Feb 5

Having all supplies gathered I must secure a crew to set sail with me to get them to my wrecked ship. Settling in for the evening I know there is one last task before I go to sleep. My office hasn't been used much since I was Governor and hopefully the ink has not dried up in the ink well, sitting at the desk I open the drawer for a piece of Parchment, picking up the pen and opening the ink jar, I dip the pen into the ink then placing it on the parchment i begin, yes the ink is still good. Thank the Dragon Gods, smiling at that thought I begin, 

Notice to all Citizens & Governors:
I am in need of a fearless crew to help me sail some supplies to the North to a small dock where my trade ship sits wrecked from a Winter's storm. Be prepared for bitter cold weather and the chance of running into Pirates. The Sea is cold this time of year so be sure to wear extra layers of Clothing perhaps some Long Johns if you have them. Meet at Minoc Docks at 8:00 pm (est) The waters near Minoc are shallow so it could be a slow voyage to the Northern docks. 
Thank you for your help,
Jaden Rain

That should do it and first thing the morrow I will deliver this to the city Herald

(( This does not mean you have to go to go to Tavern night There is a teleporter in DragonStone Hall which is next to Ter Mur Moongtae just south east a book marks rhe teleporter as Northern harbor, hope to see you all there you can see one of the new keep designs that i have turned into Northern Harbor Inn ))


  • There is a Casino at the Inn/ Tavern so if you proceed to the Tavern before the ship gets to the Harbor, Feel free to try the Roulette dealer ( locked boxes one contains a guild sign the rest an assortment of whatevers, once its purchased there are 2 sets of keys on the mini counter inside the gambling room to unlock the crate / trash can to discrd box of yopu do not want it) chest on top of bar in tavern is set so you can serve yourself or there is a cook upstairs, a Trading Post with a stable just to the east of the tavern and right above that is North Harbor Docks, the trading post is set up to the public with chests in the aisles open for public (its a trading post so take an item= leave an item kinda thing)
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