Endless Journey Roll Players

TanagerTanager Posts: 634
If I understand it correctly, this forum is designed so that only paid accounts can post. I understand the logic behind that, but I am hopeful that EJ will boost RP. Would anyone be interested in championing for EJ players to post in this section or a separate one? (If it is even possible.)

Otherwise I think they will have to use... other forums.


  • SableSable Posts: 223
    edited March 2018
    Was it paid account or active accounts?  I read somewhere that someone on a trial account was able to post on these boards.  Either way, I agree and would like to see anyone who can get in-game be able to post here.
  • Dean478Dean478 Posts: 9
    I think it's active accounts. I'm currently unsubscribed with an account in good standing, and I'm here. :)
  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Posts: 112
    Role players, I read into this too much, thinking why you would need a roll of players,  :D

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