Essence of Water - Thursday January 24th 9PM EST

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    Jhai stands on the sandy bluff looking out towards the waves crashing on the beach. The ceremony has not yet begun for him to take his place as one of the protectors of the Essence of Water. The alter is in place, soon the Elders will bring out the Crystal Orb, one of the groups collection holding their powers. Once sworn in the protectors will mix their life blood with the essence of water, making themselves one with the power.  Being able to help harness the power to both use it for protection of their people and also sooth the raging call of the tides.

   A commotion off towards the Elders tents catches Jhai’s attention as a group of outsiders demands to speak to the assembled elders. Shouts of anger can be heard “The Elders must listen to me, these men are not here to help, they are here to steal the Ess-……“ The shout is cut off as a dark cloud starts to form around the camp. 

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