Gem counts increase on trade orders after getting filled

TimStTimSt Posts: 909
Some thing I noticed while doing Krampus trade runs is that the number of gems needed to fill trade orders that include a gem increase after being filled  First time it was 5 star sapphires got changed to 10 star sapphires.  The second time 5 diamonds got changed to 10 diamonds.  The third time 5 rubies got changed to 10 rubies.  The first time it happened I thought I had made a mistake.  The second time was why did I make that mistake again. The third time was this is a bug.


  • BasaraBasara Posts: 152
    I've had several items (not just gems) do that - I also had a "Feathered Hat" line item change to "Tricorne hat" Immediately on my buying the Feathered hats, today.

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