Wandering Healers in the EC Map

Why don't wandering healers show up in the EC map when I'm in Ter Mur?  I'm standing right next to a gargoyle healer, and the little symbol doesn't show up.

Shows up just fine in Fel and Trammel though.


  • MissEMissE Posts: 416
    Are you alive or dead? If you are alive they don't show anywhere, if you are dead it should appear.
  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 63
    You can see the tram/fel healers even if you are alive.

    If you are alive or dead, you cannot see the Ter Mur healers at all.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 1,388
    edited January 3
    I can kill you with my Rainbow Unicorn if you want to test again. :)
  • MissEMissE Posts: 416
    @Dizzy think you better recheck as I don't see wandering healers (other than the physical npc when I am standing next to it :)) unless I am dead. I run regular default EC so unless you are running another UI not sure.  I know once when I was playing with someone else and I couldn't rez on my char I told the guy to go to a wandering healer which I knew were close to me but because I wasn't dead I couldn't see em and he was in the cc so couldn't find em either. When I died then 'ta da' all their little crosses appeared. 

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