[Formosa] - Singapore Armed Forces [SAF] guild is accepting new members

[Formosa] - Singapore Armed Forces [SAF] guild is accepting new members.

We specialize in consensual PvP within guild / alliance, for recreational purposes.

While there are already 2 main pvp guilds currently active on Formosa, but unlike them, we're not into warring other guilds, or in Vice vs Virtue.

If you've a character who would like to join our guild to enjoy consensual PvP, look me up on Formosa, and let me know.

Atlantean Angel (call me AA)
GM of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) guild on Formosa


By the way, are the following (mostly Singaporean) players still around in UO? Specifically on Formosa? In particular, a shout out to Choon (Malaysian medical doctor), if you're still around, let me know. Also, is Sublime (an American living in Taiwan with his Taiwanese wife) still around? How about Alpha-Majesto-Lollipop (from ReD to SM to +|+)? Let me know if you guys are still around in UO.

The following list of players are taken from the following Stratics page :

(1) Thornwind
(2) CitizenKane2
(3) Khellek
(4) belldandy2k4
(5) Aminest
(6) Kay
(7) Ken (Sepiroth)
(8) SalamancaWitch
(9) Yang (Naruto)
(10) LAH Architect
(11) Takameshi
(12) hellwolf
(13) dran
(14) CWS
(15) hui
(16) OrAnGe
(17) Spore
(18) Starlite
(19) Sims
(20) Jeremy
(21) Cry
(22) My brother (Char name Gra'ce)
(23) Roxy
(24) Ganjakru
(25) Lancelot
(26) Warshock
(27) Li Wei
(28) FelSpark
(29) Majesto
(30) IcyRaine
(31) BBSheep.
(32) Yang (Geogorian)
(33) Sparkz
(34) Ariakus
(35) Iolo
(36) Freddy
(37) Cory
(38) Dragon / Kira
(39) Baja (from Formosa)
(40) Merlin
(41) Roy01
(42) Ulric
(43) Cao Cao


  • SethSeth Posts: 193
    Happy to join, need to arrange a time though.

  •  Welcome to the SAF, Seth!

    Which of your pvp chars (from what you've shared on these forums, most of your pvp chars are active on Jap shards and presumably will remain there, while your parry mage is doing stuff on Atlantic and will remain there? Sg-to-Atlantic ping can pvp meh? U power sia!) do you plan to join our SAF?

    Any of your chars (including parry mage) are welcome of course, just curious on which chars (ie. their templates) you've in mind to join us.

    As I've described, I'm not into war (eg. VvV, champ spawn raids, PKing, etc) like +|+ or X78, but rather into consensual pvp as a friendly sport on Malas, and hoping to encourage more players (in general and of course Formosians specifically) to explore the PvP side of UO (the PKing and trash-talk of hardcore warring PvPers may have turned off the rest of UO players to PvP in general, which is unfortunate because if given a chance, PvP can easily be the most enjoyable aspect of UO).

    On a more personal note, Seth, I'm hoping you can play an instrumental role in introducing, guiding and teaching PvP to future new members of SAF (assuming we're successful in attracting curious Formosian players who've never tried out PvP but can see how fun it is when we PvP around Luna bank for instance). I'll like to assign you the guild title (for all members of our guild, please always display our guild tag *and* guild title, important for our PR campaign to raise general awareness of who we are and what we do) of "PvP Instructor", ie. you'll be our SAF's PTI (PvP Training Instructor).

    So to summarize, my entire idea of the SAF is not for personal glory, but rather to contribute to UO in general and to Formosa specifically, by (hopefully) introducing more UO players (who previously never tried PvP because, eg. they were turned off by PKers, etc) to the joy of UO PvP.

    So to this end, glad to have you on board, PTI Seth!

  • SethSeth Posts: 193
    Thanks AA, I can join and share some basic knowledge but I am far from being the most experienced guy around.

    My SIFUs are all in my former guild +|+, all are good except for the current GM who is an AH.

    As you can see in the Parry thread, it will be my Parry Mage until it is "nerfed", after that I will use back my new Dexxer Mage with Poison (800+ skills). I am still trying to figure out this one because more skills on a hybrid means more complexity.

    Actually the parry mage is only one of the most basic template and it is defensively effective against some dexxers. The reason why they are nerfing this, I think it is because none of them in the discussion are really active pvpers. The really good ones are perhaps not even reading this forum. I can be sure because none of the Japanese guys are here. Their Warrior Mage can kill my pure Parry mage in less than 1 min. They did that several times, I still don't recall how I died. LOL.

  • Oh, speaking of your former guild +|+, this reminds me, you know the Singaporean player whose chars are Alpha, Majesto and Lollipop? When was the last time you spoke to him? Does he still login on Formosa these days?

    Power Eagle [+|+] told me Alpha hasn't logged into Formosa in recent months?

  • Also, since it'll be your parry mage who will join SAF, but is now on Atlantic doing stuff, so do we have an approx. ETA on when you'll be transferring your parry mage back to Formosa? Just a heads up so I know.
  • SethSeth Posts: 193
    SG players, I only know JD but have not spoken to him since leaving +|+ earlier this year. I swapped my Iphone to an Android this year, so lost quite a number of older contacts.

    If you need a super experienced PVPer, can ask KK or Eagle if they are willing to help. Over the past years, I learnt from them and others like Crazyman (I think this is the nick) and the former +|+ GM. Chris would probably enjoy killing anyone he sees that crosses his path in Fel, but nonetheless a proven PVPer against x78.

    I also learnt quite a bit from x78. No pain no gain.

    I should be able to send it back tomorrow.
  • If I'm not online, Voldermort can bring you into the guild (I've promoted him to Emissary, as I will with your parry mage char, so you guys can bring in anyone interested in joining a char into our SAF guild, anytime).

    As I've shared with Voldy, my hope is that SAF will (eventually) be a guild where players can and (hopefuly) will, enjoy friendly pvp at all times at Luna / Malas, even when I'm not online. In other words, machiam self-sustaining even without me online. To this end, I hope and look forward to you and Voldy and the other seniors, to help generate general player interest in PvP and to bring interested new players (new in terms of PvP, coz apparently majority of Formosa, outside +|+ and X78, haven't tried PvP and are turned off by it coz of being PKed, so they've no idea how fun PvP can be, please help them with this) into our SAF.

    I had a chat with Voldy regarding the general disinterest in PvP on Formosa, and he pointed out that outside +|+ and X78, everyone else on Formosa has no interest in PvP coz not only are they turned off about PvP because their experience of PvP is being PKed by +|+ and/or X78, but in their minds, only PvM has a meaningful purpose, to get lots of high-end loot to sell on Atlantic for lots gold. So for most of these players, PvP is meaningless because it has no loot rewards, and they only get grief from being PKed. I understand what Voldy is saying, but I'm still hoping to help some of these PvM-only players, find the joy of PvP.

    Help me help them, ok? Slowly, over time.

  • SethSeth Posts: 193
    edited January 5
    Well, ok, but not to put too much high hopes on the other players.

    Some history fyi:
    There were the few of us in HKP Guild last year (Chris, KK, myself, Myth, etc with some other guys). We tried to get everyone to do some PVP last year, but they refused. We did not start off by PKing everyone - at least this is not what I remember.

    Then after that, the HKP group broke off and joined +|+ to PK the others and war with x78.

    Long story short, I think you are right that they feel there is no reward in PVP. However that is wrong because there are rewards - champ spawns. If any guild can dominate Fel at the last event at Khaldun, they should be able to harvest 120 powerscrolls easily. These scrolls still sell like hot cakes for Tamers.

    The best way to do this is to form a guild with both PVM and PVP sub-group. PVM can do champ spawn, while the PVP group protect and also enjoy fights against x78.
    Back at the time we thought the entire Formosa blue has only one x78 enemy.

    I tried to do this last time but failed. So now we see the results, one group that hates and never PVP, and another that is super crazy with PK and PVP. Which means, after that +|+ was reformed (it was dead), and became 2 PK guilds.

    I think this is the Formosa today.

  • Understood, and thanks for explaining to everyone reading this (notice that there's quite a bit of lurking interest in this thread), you're certainly spot on with your analysis of how today's Formosa situation came about, with your 1st hand experience.

    It's no one's fault of course "one group that hates and never PVP, and another that is super crazy with PK and PVP", and some might argue, perhaps even inevitable. Though perhaps another contributing factor is the declining population across all UO shards.

    On this note, while the Americans dealt with this declining population problem largely by migrating towards Atlantic shard, and I presume the Koreans and Japanese similarly migrate towards a specific chosen Korean and a specific chosen Japanese shard respectively, for Chinese-speaking Asians (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc), there is only Formosa shard. This also contributed to the lower population on Formosa, which in turn contributed to the "pvp haters and pvp fanatics" split on Formosa, in contrast to the American, Korean and Japanese shards on where the split is not as problematic.

    Alright, as you've said, this is not a problem we can solve overnight, or perhaps solve at all. Just to make clear, the objective of SAF is certainly not to address this (arguably unsolvable) problem. It's just to encourage UO players who have never before tried PvP, to give it a shot, I'm sure at least some of them will come to enjoy it.

    If (and that's a very big if, of course, I've no delusions on the probabilities) some of the Formosa players on the PvM guilds (basically everyone outside X78 and +|+), might join a character into SAF and begin to enjoy consensual, friendly-sparring PvP, and communicate the fun of PvP with their own guildmates in the PvM guilds, then we would already have made a positive impact contributing to UO.

    And as a possible side-consequence (again, no delusions, just possibilities), this might possibly and oh-so-slightly improve the PvP skillset (if not the skillset at least the attitude towards PvP) of the PvM guilds, then they might provide a slightly increased challenge for X78 and +|+, which in turn might slightly benefit the enjoyment of the X78 and +|+ players too.

    As I see it, in the worst case, the status quo remains on Formosa. In the best case, everyone (SAF, PvM guilds, PK guilds) might eventually get slightly more enjoyment from playing UO on Formosa. Nothing to lose.

    Alright, we'll continue our chat in-game. Cya round on Formosa soon! :)




  • SethSeth Posts: 193
    Back in +|+, the conclusion is that if there are no "enemies" in Fel, then there is no more fun and pvp. It is fine for PKer to brag and Blues to whine. This is correct by design, and is only a game, and nothing personal. The Dev has already given the Blue so many facets in Trammel that they should not complain about Felucca.

  • kojakkojak Posts: 4
    Hi AA , I want to join your guild. How to contact u?
  •  Hi Kojak!

    Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

    Are you Singaporean (is your name present among the Stratics list of 43 players above, if so, which)? Or an American currently based in Taiwan or Hong Kong or China?

    Are your main characters on Formosa? Or on some other shard, and you only have (or will create) 1 character on Formosa?

    If most of your characters are already based on Formosa, are your other characters currently in one or more guilds? If so, which guilds?

    Even if your characters are already in other guilds, you're still welcome to join the SAF of course, as we're not a warring guild.

    I'm just curious about these questions, as you've not given any background on yourself or your characters.


  • kojakkojak Posts: 4
    I am a sinkie. All my toons are on Formosa and haven't joined any guild. My name is not in your list. I used to play on hokuto long time ago on my old account. Just got back to uo in  mid 2018.
  •  Swee lah! B)

    Ok I'll PM u a means of contact so we can meet up in-game. Cya soon in UO! :)

  • Check out my Atlantic latency just now... and in the parry mage thread, CovenantX said this of Seth's 230 latency :

    230 latency huh?    with that kind of connection, it wouldn't matter what kind of template you used... you'd die to wrestling's auto-attacks while healing yourself with 4/6 chiv.

    How about 1257 latency then? Lol!


    Trying to even walk around  Luna bank, the feeling is as if I've travelled back 20 years in time back when OSI servers would freeze for 10-15 seconds at a time, and when it finally unfroze, everyone around you would be spamming "LAAAGGGGGG!!!" at the same time.

    Back then, there were a LOT more Singaporeans in UO, and that was on Pacific shard (think Formosa shard didn't exist yet). I remember Muksha, Viper, and many other Singaporeans, but I'm pretty sure they're all gone now. 

    Ah, the nostalgia! :)

  • SethSeth Posts: 193
    kojak said:
    I am a sinkie. All my toons are on Formosa and haven't joined any guild. My name is not in your list. I used to play on hokuto long time ago on my old account. Just got back to uo in  mid 2018.
    Welcome back! 

    When did you last play in Hokuto? Do you know about a pvp guild by the name of LPW and PWA? I think it's around early 2000
  • kojakkojak Posts: 4
    edited January 16
    I was on Atlantic 1997 to 2000, only joined hokuto in 2004 after a few years hiatus. I don't remember those 2 guilds u mentioned.
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