PvP / VvV and houses open to the public

TimStTimSt Posts: 571
I recently built a Keep in Felucca on Pacific.  It is in the Yew VvV zone. If I make the Keep open to the public can other players come in an attack me and my guests? Or is housing considered a safe, violence free, place?


  • MariahMariah Posts: 647Moderator
    If it's open to the public, you are vulnerable.  One solution may be to allow some areas to be public, but 'lock' some doors via the context menu to keep you safe, setting them to 'friends' or 'co owner' access. Some openings could be closed by using tinker crafted doors.
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 247
    Mariah said:
    If it's open to the public, you are vulnerable.

    Not exactly. The code was changed years ago to fix house fighting. The change was meant to flag aggressors and automatically kick them out of the house.

    A bug (to my knowledge has never been fixed) was created which allows aggressors to stay inside the house and keep attacking if they didn't move but would kick if they took a step or two.

    So with that in mind, if you're alert where you can move, you'll be fine. If you plan on going afk at all then yes you'll have a grey screen.

  • Lock ur front doors (set for only ur use) then get some house tele tiles. Put 1 on the outside steps & the other inside, set them for friends only. 
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