ORDOS OCEANICUS BOUNTY: When, what to my wondering eyes should appear....

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But a minion of Krampus, and death followed near!

Attention Ordos Members!

This evening just as I made my last rounds through Castle Blackthorn, I discovered a beast in the Hall. He was most obdurate and it took great effort to drive him outside. With the assistance of Tycho and the Huntmaster I was able magically isolate the beast, and four of his brethren discovered later, to Fire Island.


All holiday leave has been revoked.Put down your drinks and douse the fire, the Ordos must move to protect the Realm!

Any person posting here a detail of their encounter with these 'Minions of the True Krampus' AND including an image of themselves with the corpse of one of the beasts will be awarded a point towards rank advancement.

Be certain that the person in the image is already an initiate of the Ordos, or that they are in the process of requesting membership here: https://forum.uo.com/discussion/2810/recruitment-roster-for-the-ordos-oceanicus-signature-required#latest

Make haste!

-- Inquisitor Pierce, Commander, Ordos Oceanicus

(There are a total of FIVE 'A Minion of the True Krampus' on the island, with at least one now roaming the Fire Temple. These beasts are EXCEPTIONALLY strong, so work together! Any person attempting to earn rank advancement points must be clearly named in the image, though multiple persons can use the corpse of a beast together as longer as they are all clearly named.

Happy holidays!

-- EM Tycho)


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    I have scouted Avatar Isle and located four Minions of the True Krampus.

    Their last known locations were:

    #1 West of Dungeon Hythloth       168oN, 133oW
    #2 Lava Pool SW of Fire Temple   172oN, 138oW
    #3 Near the Shrine of Humility       179oN, 155oW
    #4 WSW of  Dungeon Hythloth       160oN, 130oW 

    The immediate area of the Fire Temple itself was found unsullied by these creatures, however they are fleet of foot and may have moved significantly. None were found to be within the Underworld or in the sandy area without, and Hythloth did not appear to harbour any of their number. 

    I have attempted combat with one Minion and indeed found it to be beyond my abilities alone. I was able to approach undetected for close observation, I have determined the following about the creatures:

    Their constitution is beyond reckoning, we simply have no way to measure it. They are skilled in all known combat arts and magicks far beyond legendary prowess. The are able to paralyze and drain mana, and possess both dragon's breath and angry fire. They are impervious to both bard song and sleep enchantment, and will induce unnatural fear in those who venture too close. Their resistances to physical and elemental damage types is beyond eighty percent, and over ninety percent for fire resistance in particular. I would rate them as similar in potency and resilience to a crimson dragon

    I will resume my sweep of the island to scout the missing Minion to aid our best response.

    ~~ Fink

    ~ The Babe with The Power ~
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    Bounty report from signatories Xavier, Chandler, and Fink

    Minion #1 as identified per submitted list is defeated! Four Minions still thought to be at large.

    Casualties incurred all round but the creature was eventually overcome by sustained attack from legendary pets & elder colossus, and tactical cross-healing.

    ~~ Fink

    ~ The Babe with The Power ~
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    Well done! I'm surprised three of you were able to kill it as quickly as that *scribbles notes about being too easy on the players...*

    I'll update the Roster ledger with your points,

    -- EM Tycho
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    @Fink The player named Chandler needs to sign up on the Ordos Membership Roster at https://forum.uo.com/discussion/2810/recruitment-roster-for-the-ordos-oceanicus-signature-required#latest to get credit. If you know this player please pass that info along.



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    My apologies, I thought he had already signed.

    No doubt he reads the forum but I will relay this message.

    ~~ Fink

    ~ The Babe with The Power ~
  • We Got One!
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    Three minions were defeated late this evening, accounting for the four located in the initial search. Lady Sipowicz's picture shows tonight's first victory. 

    Did anyone locate or perhaps kill another minion earlier in the day? I am concerned that we have witnessed only four kills of the five. 

    ~ The Babe with The Power ~
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    Well done! I have added a point for Sipowicz as well. A brief scan of the island reveals no trace of the fifth Minion, but I saw a group of Fire Temple dragons and demons that looked particularly well fed. I believe the fifth Minion may have not been welcome in their domain!
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    I managed to get a few shots of the kills,
    Those i have logged are as follows (other than those already mentioned previously)

    Slam, Maya Natsume, Amethyst, Rhydec, Munimuni, sleepy and myself.

    If i missed anyone please let me know as i may have other footage.

  • EM TychoEM Tycho Posts: 78Event Moderator
    Nice job all!

    Tynk, I have awarded you a point. None of those other names are found in the Ordos roster. I am trying to keep track of qualifying individuals who are not registered, but there's no guarantee that I will catch them all or that I will be able to continue doing so.

    Please urge other players to register in the forum thread or by sending me an email so that they can get credit!

    Again, great job all!
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    *scribbles notes about being too easy on the players...*

    What have we done-

    I prithee have mercy on mine soul.
    'Tis a matter of great import!

    (Or maybe not. Throw us a massive black alligator that eats people and regenerates health or something, that'll mess us up  :D
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