Three Questions about the "Deluxe Starter Pack"

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Hi @Mariah @Kyronix !

Three questions about the DSP:

1) Is the "Deluxe Journeyman’s Armor" only ACCOUNT & SHARD Locked, or CHAR Locked too? I mean, if I buy a DSP with Char (A) (Human or Elf), can its DJA be used too by Char (B) (Human or Elf) of the same Account?

2) Moreover,  can a Human/Elf DJA be used too by a Gargoyle Char of the same Account (and viceversa), or, once redeemed the Token, the DJA can be used only by Chars of the same “body shape” (i.e., H/E vs G)?

3) Are the Point Award Tokens cumulable? I mean: if I buy more than one DSP, but with different Chars of the same Account, can their PAT be redeemed together by one single Char? I refer in particular to the Community Collections points.

TIA! :)


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    I can answer question 1. Any character on the owning account can wear the armor. My mage normally wears it but I have let my thief try it out a few times.

    My only complaint about the journeyman armor is that it is not self repairing.
  • 1 yes but i I haven't tested to see if it works regardless of race set of armor I got on my human character still looks like human leather armor on my elf.
    3. the points come in the form of a token and I believe the token is account-bound just like all the other items there for is redeemable by any character so you can redeem multiple tokens on the same character just like the journeyman's armor and the atlas that you get will say that they belong to whatever character you have them equipped or have last use them on
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    Thams to both of you for the answers! :)


  • May I add a question: If it is not self repair, can it be repaired? Since it is designed for skill gain, you will get damage on it. Can it be PoF'ed?

    Regards, Fizzle
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    Yes, it can be repaired.  I had my tailor character repair it after the Khaldun event ended, 

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