Where are good trade, player shop areas?

 Is there any area where there are player shops with lower level items? If so where.


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    Which shard are you on?
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    Vendor search. 
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    DJAd said:
    Vendor search. 
    The Vendor Search engine "delocalized" the Vendors all above UO.
    When you stroll around Luna nowdays it is a little disconcerning to see all those "monuments" the "Trade Oligarchy" erected to themselves almost empty of stuff, but, hey: this is UO PC Retail 2.0! "More virtual than the virtual" is their motto today.
    Ama*on drones to deliver the goods at your home?
    Bah! Now we have CUSTOMERS TELEPORT directly at you preferred shop, even if it is on the most Blackthorn-forsaken itty-bitty-tiny rock!
    The lost, but never forgotten, ImaNewbie will never be able to recognize this new land...  :'( :D
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    Thank God for vendor search. 

    When I came back last August, I didn't know it existed so I spent the better part of a week hunting gear the old fashioned way.  It was nice and fun and nostalgic.

    But c'mon man.  Vendor search is like a Tesla to the Model T of old-fashioned vendor hopping.  Meanwhile, I can coast around in space, happy, sublime, and carefree. B)
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    Ya I finally found out there is a vendor search. Thanks for mentioning it
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