Magery Template Question

Mainly PvM. I don't like monsters but I don't mind people ... too much :)
Right now, I have:
Inscription 100
Alchemy 100
Eval Int 115
Meditation 110
Magery 110
Resisting Spells 110
Spellweaving 68

I have ... I think 7.0 points left. I can to up to 110 on Spellweaving but something would have to go. I like the Inscription bonuses and I use potions so there is THAT bonus but ... I really want Spellweaving. Is it worth it to put Alchemy on a stone (even though that is my main money maker on a nearly every day basis) to keep Spellweaving or should I do something else?

Maith Ceol


  • GraceGrace Posts: 131
    You can have all those skills and get your spellweaving to 120. Use cuffs of the archmage for 15 resist spells, wizards curio for 10 eval int, 20 skill points or more between two imbued jewels. Or you can fit the 45 all on your jewelry if you don't want the cuffs and curio. But if you want spellweaving you really would be missing out if you don't go to 120.

    I have something similar but with anatomy instead of alchemy on a mage. 
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,270
    Move alchemy to a second char and replace it with focus for faster background mana recharge.Drop resist to 105 and raise eval int to 120 for more spell damage.
  • Thanks!
  • SethSeth Posts: 1,395
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    For PvM, sharing what I have for events and group (not solo)

    Eval Int

    3 spell schools with max damage each

    I have 3 active account each with a 120 Spellweaver, all with mastery level 3, so I get max strength 6 arcane focus.

    Then I have options of 2 gear with SDI between 150 to 160 (max possible) depending k  whether he is at risk of physically attacked. 

    To increase the SDI I do Reaper Form, while my fire resist is still at 70 because of over spec.

    It works pretty well in the last Krampus event. Only thing is to be careful with physical contact... it's a frail but powerful mage character. No resist and wrestling for PvM.

    Please... don't nerf this.

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  • BasaraBasara Posts: 153
    Seth: My variation on that template is

    120 Magery
    120 Spellweaving
    120 Mystic
    120 Focus
    120 Eval Int
    100 Inscripton
    60 Meditation. 

    20 of the Mysticism comes from a ring (Katalkotl's Ring), with that ring and a talisman adding some of the Med and Focus (and a little Resist spells that is wasted on my human unless I'm using a spellbook with Resist). 

    My gear (a couple event items, a orny, a talisman from Blackthorn's, protector of the battle mage, the rest crafted or loot) is all 70+ (even with protection cast), FC2/FCR 4 without protection, over 100% LRC, over 40% LMC, +25 INT, +16 MI, 30 MR, and 50% SDI (98% with my best book, 103 after using my city bonus), And that's with 0 resists in the neck slot, because I use a pendant of the magi. And, of course, the SDI from having Inscription. I really don't miss the other 60 Med, unless I'm having to scribe scrolls. And, maybe one day, find a loot bracelet that is good enough to replace my 15 year old Orny, to allow me to add more Med (as a bonus, or as real skill while lowering the real focus or eval amounts)

    I find that since I'm already going slow with Protection, it's a lot more survivable to go around in Stone form from Mystic than Reaper form, though I'm running Weaving 3 mastery as well.
  • SethSeth Posts: 1,395
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    Thanks for sharing, its a nice template to aim for.

    My template focus was primarily SDI, and it includes a +50 SDI spellbook from last year event. At around 151 SDI, it maintains full armor resist and 24 MR. Stats are 138 HP, 211 mana. FC/FR is 2/4.

    My gears are centered around SDI, all listed in the SDI page. Then I have an option that, if it is not under any threat in an event, I can swap some gear and sneak out additional SDI at 160 max at the expense of some resist.

    I like the idea of adding inscription into my next target upgrade, which will add more SDI. Including Reaper Form, it will have super damage. Just need to stay away from melee attacks. Will look into this, thanks!

    We love bugs....
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