Zoogi Fungus

The way zoogi fungus currently is, each type of solen can drop a minimum quantity, and a maximum quantity. For example the workers drop either 1 or 6. The queens drop 5 or 25. There is no in between.

Would it be possible to change this so they drop a range from minimum to maximum instead of just one or (rarely) the other? I don't think it would result in an overabundance of fungus or powder, but would simply make the entire process a little less... mind-numblingly tedious.  :)


  • CookieCookie Posts: 879

    I farm this stuff a lot, there are a lot of in-betweens.

  • FaerylFaeryl Posts: 273
    Well, that's interesting, because I literally only get one or the other. Minimum or maximum number dependant on the type of solen I'm killing. I've yet to see any "range" in the quantity they drop. And 98% of the time it's the minimum quantity, which makes collecting it rather slow.
  • CookieCookie Posts: 879
    Ahh, farm the Infiltrators outside Wind dungeon, much better drop rates, and more to kill.
  • FaerylFaeryl Posts: 273
    I do, and almost the whole time I still only get 3 or 4 fungus per kill. I also prefer killing the queens because they drop the pet summoning balls, which are also a ridiculously rare drop.
  • why waiting for the queen to spawn i run around the other side and kill the warriors who also drop  picnic basket and bracelet of binding they can drop 13 at a time back to queen rinse and repeat
  • Sugar I have no idea where your hunting but I go to the wind entry and kill the ants in an hour I can walk out with a k of zoogie
  • FaerylFaeryl Posts: 273
    Then the RNG must love you more than it does me.

    Regardless, I still don't see the harm in having them drop a range from min to max instead of just either or. It's not like I'm asking them to drop 100 zoogi with every kill. I don't expect them to raise the max number each type drops. I just feel it would speed up the process a little on an already tedious quest chain.
  • Well I cant say the RNG has anything to do with the spawn I kill... the content of the ants is random and player hunting has very little in the rate of the zoogie it contains.  No matter what shard or account I use to hunt with I get roughly the same for the time taken.  
  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 301
      The trick to zoogi farming is mass murder of the ants.  If you want to farm a lot of Zoogies fast find one of the overland spawn holes and cast poison fields around it and just keep running back and forth for non stop spawning, loot the corpses when you get a good pile of corpses and repeat.  THose holes spawn I believe a max of 5 ants and occasionally a blue beetle so when you get your pile just lead the spawn off for your looting session. Then hunt them down, kill them, loot them and repeat the poison field slaughter at hole.   Can use pets, evs, rcs what ever to kill but poison fields with 100 mage and poisoning works the fastest and easiest.  For whatever reason the warriors that pop out of those holes seem to have more 13s in them than other locations and the workers more 6s.   I have farmed literally millions of Zoogies since LBR released and still find myself drawn to Zoogi farming even now and always place one house ideally right next to one overland spawn hole and try to have second hole within a screen of the house to farm while the corpses decay away at the first.  Second to the best place is the wind maze and again poison fields just get every ant in the maze following you and start dropping poison fields.  Wind is more time consuming and(Zoogi  less ZPH (Zoogi Per Hour) since you have to lure all the spawn into the kill area.   Workers 1-6  warriors 3-13  Hive queens 5-25   overland spawn queens 4-16  pretty good spread in amounts as it is. 
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