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Hi Everyone!

I'm running for the Governor of Moonglow. I'd love it if you'd vote for me. I was a very active player until a few years ago and have been back for quite a while now. I know I've run into quite a few people here and there ... but I also know that not everyone is a citizen of Moonglow. And that's okay! *wink*

I'm running on a Safe Moongate platform, which also includes the "Moonglow or Mongbat City?" issue. As the FIRST city on the public moongate and a popular starting spot ... I feel like our citizens and visitors to our fair city should not be bothered by these pests. Let's put the MAGIC back in a visit to Moonglow!

I started in Moonglow, I live on Moonglow and I love our little island! As I said, I'm an active player and would love a chance to meet the citizens of our island! My house is just northwest of the southern teleporter, next to the hay field, by the farmer's house. Right now, it's marble but I like to change it with the season. Stop by anytime!

I'd also love the chance to be your governor and work with the other fabulous governors to bring you more fun things to do while you're resting up from a hard day of monster slaying or doing magical things.

Maith Ceol :)
Maith Ceol, Chesapeake
Governor of Moonglow
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