Richardson's Army - Wednesday March 14th, 7PM PST

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Richardson the Mercenary has put together an army and is planning an attack on Trinsic! Your help is requested to defend the city!

Gather at the Counselor Hall!


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    I apologize I missed the meeting at Counselor Hall after the battle!

    I had been fighting a Red Goblin beast, doing my best to stay one step ahead of him...the next thing I know I tripped over a stone and landed face first on the muddy bank. I turned onto my back and seen this giant foot literally above me coming down and just as I thought, "he's gonna crash me skull," his foot disappeared from my sight and at the same time I felt this blow to my ribs as I was lifted up into the air and just as quickly landing into the water, sinking, holding onto my side as the current took me downstream and away from the beastly Red Goblin. Fighting against the waves and undertow, using all my strength, hands digging into the sand, I was able to pull myself upon the sandy beach. Laying there trying to catch my breath I heard the sound of seagulls, a cow, a sheep even and I opened my eyes to look towards the inland and the bridge leading into Trinsic and to my delight seen the many corpse of Richardson's army. 

    I knew that there was more out there, possibly watching as I mustered all my strength to stand and begin assessing the damage to my beloved Trinsic. As I limped past the barricades the goblins had constructed along the bridge, I frowned taking into account the lives that were lost, the brave paladins, the brave citizens, innocent lives gone all because the goblins thought I had killed baby Zekie, the most vulnerable goblin of them all!?! They wouldn't listen to me when I said I did not murder baby Zekie... I am not a murderer, even of goblins.... but someone was, someone with a bigger agenda, someone the goblins knew... 

    Standing tall and proud, with a look of determination and stubbornness, I was going to find out just who was behind this and why they were using me as a pawn to bring chaos to Sosarian, to Trinsic. All of Sosarian had united tonight .. and we had won... for now.

    Thank you everyone who fought, who helped ... I am forever in your debt ...Governor Ezekiel Littlrot
    Die Lots!!
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