Months after lodging a complaint about a broken UO product I get a response.

Short story.  Lighthouse is meant to save your ship if you forget to refresh it.  I have a lighthouse and paid money for a Britanian ship, feeling secure that I would not lose the ship if I forgot to refresh it.  The lighthouse failed to work.  My ship disappeared and UO devs refuse to replace it.  So today I'll turn off my auto-renewals for my accounts.  It's such a shame that a game I met my wife in, has turned into a such a cheap carny ripoff outfit.
These forums make me log in so much I feel like a lumberjack.


  • I burned a pick on the lighthouse.  
    Worse mistake ever.  Never could make it work, no matter whose advice I followed.  Finally sold it for less than I could have sold any other pick from that selection for.

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    Shame.. sorry ta c u go. I learned long ago it’s a buggy game & if u rely on most things for more than deco ur setting urself up for disappointment ( and always have a backup for when u unexpectedly lose something u shouldn’t have lost).

    I know those aren’t comforting word but maybe others can take heed. Again, sorry for ur loss & sad ta c u go :( .
  • I did the misstake to shard jump with my boat owner and my boats decayed , A new key is created when you return and its not recognised by the ships. Lost 2 ships , one stuffed with filled quest crates. Had no clue what happened so after a while it was time to travel again. This time I knew where my boats were so when i returned I could sail up to them and see they were still there even if the key said they were nowhere to be found.. Just mention it every time I hear about dissapeared ships..
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    @Minerva_Foxglove that's a good point, I wonder if the Devs are actually aware that it's an issue?
    It might be something that there could be a warning about, just a pop-up telling you to check ships after you shard hop. It always seems to be those Britanian ships that are the ones mostly affected.
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    If we can prove this bug by repeating it, they should be obliged to refund. This can be easily done with any ship I guess, unless it's a Britain ship bug and not the lighthouse that is the issue. In the latter case it will be expensive to test... may be at test centre.

    Once I used a pet bonding potion and it didn't work. Since the bugged potion was consumed, I didn't get a replacement so I have to buy another and it worked.

    A few years back I had one of the bugged recipe from the Eodon quests. It didn't work but Mesanna was kind enough to replace for me. However, I had the bugged recipe on hand as a proof.

    So, back to this case, if the lighthouse is the bug, and if it is consistent and repeatable bug, I dont see any reason why they can't return you a new ship.
    We love bugs....
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    I absolutely lost an orc ship to this bug, but having 220 others now, it's not so much an issue ;-)
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it.
  • 5 months fishing, doing fishing quests, & pirates. Lost orc ship due to “this boat can not be found” bug before they added dockmasters. 14,000 stones worth of fish, fishing rewards (all the scrolls I had been binding up), & cannon supplies gone. I haven’t fished or pirated since.

    I feel your pain.
  • SethSeth Posts: 1,395
    Seems like this bug do exist but inconsistent. 

    Maybe there should be a way to easily offload a boat's storage or content to the lighthouse or a chest in the house. In this way after an active season, we can offload and dry dock the body.  

    Or maybe add Commodity Box function to the boat storage. 

    @Kyronix ;

    Who knows when we forget to keep and the boat disappears again. 
    We love bugs....
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    I am sorry for the loss of boats due to a bug.
    I wasnt aware of this one, I have a lighthouse myself but only used it for deco.

    Its my belief that there should be no bugs. And if one appear it should be fixed in first patch after.
    Publish 100 was a bug-fixing one, it fixed tons of bugs. However theres a few more still to be fixed, and I think another bug-fixing publish is right. party system, stackable items, vvv mounts to name a few.

    As for the replacing items, GMs dont replace lost items and have never done. Either they dont know the item that was lost, or if it existed in first place. Unfortunately its the way it will have to be.

  • For me it was a Tokuno and an Orc ship first time and smaller ships the second as i gave up on quests after losing everything . But ill be back , just waiting for the oh so needed HS fixes.
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    Yes GM dont replace lost items, but will fix a bugged item. They did fix my treasure map I think 2-3 years back, and Mesanna replaced my bugged recipe. 

    I will add this into my bug list.
    We love bugs....
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    Same for me. I Lost a Britannia Ship, that I paid FULL PRICE on the Ultima Store. Linked it to my LH, didn't play for some time, when got back ship were nowhere to be found, Ship Rune in RuneBook doesn't function, non ship in MC.
    VERY annoing... :#
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,270
    I lost a Brit ship...
    I would refresh it everyday and then I forgot to refresh on Saturday & Sunday.
    On Monday it was gone...
    (2 years ago)
    since then I don't leave my ship in the water

    I have also lost two orc ships...
    none of which goes into the moving crate...
  • IvenorIvenor Posts: 995

    Any official word on this, folks? Brit Ships are 10 bucks a... pop! :# :D

    PS: In any case, Happy Holidays to all the UO Team!!! o:)

  • The official word is per usual.
  • Ships go into moving create.

    However I lost one too. Mesanna replaced it. 
  • IvenorIvenor Posts: 995
    Ships go into moving create.

    However I lost one too. Mesanna replaced it. 
    No ships in mine, unfortunately, and no Mesanna "divine intervention" either... :D
  • Add me to the list of annoyed players who have a non-functional lighthouse and has lost nice ships due to the bug.  The only way I have found to keep my ships is to dry dock them immediately when I am done with them.
  • I actually wish they would refund us all our picks we used to get these useless things.  Won't be happening, but still, a fella can dream
  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,175
    Ships go into moving create.

    However I lost one too. Mesanna replaced it. 
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it.
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    wife bought me  godl dablooms ot get a  brit ship refreshed it like  clock work ..  ot day it is gone the rune blank
    took the other  rune out and it wetn blank  ship not in light house and was full.....
    i am not happy i just wasted  $$ on  a ship that went poof on own........
    i spedn 90% of my in game helping ths igame survice, may thinn now of findig new game les i get  my  monye or ship back.. this is bs
  • monkgamermonkgamer Posts: 100
    Seem slike really bad customer service to rip off players like this, and not even look into it. I guess many things have changed in UO and yet again, nothing has changed.
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