Is there any real advantage to having legendary stealth skill?

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Is there any real advantage to having legendary stealth skill? My thief currently has 90 stealth and already used a 120 scroll. If going to 120 only give him 6 extra steps while running in stealth mode it does not make a sense to actually get to 120 and I could use those 30 points on something else.  If 120 stealth would let me stay hidden when removing a trap or casting a spell that might make 120 stealth worth it.


  • Additionally to the added running steps, 120 stealth also allows greater damage to be taken without revealing the player. My 120 stealther in VVV can easily eat earthquakes and explosion spells without being revealed (altho if I’m paying attention there’s no reason I should even be in range of an earthquake). I can also remain hidden thru several ticks of deadly poison.

    Occasionally I’ve been able to eat flamestrikes if I smoke bomb right when I’m hit. I’ve seen the flamestrike graphic hit & taken damage while my character was showing on my screen as hidden. Possibly that may be a delay/lag issue but it’s happened more than rarely. Most times it will reveal me but occasionally my 120 stealth seems to keep me hidden through them.
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