Fishing revamp and more suggestion!!!

Dear Dev team,


since „High Sea Expansion„ it has passed 8 years. Lot of changes would be done and so is most of content of that nice Expansion is now totally outdated. I see you still sell this booster, but the question is, is it worth to buy it if there almost all content total outdated? That’s why I have some nice ideas how you can revamp that totally nice “Expansion”. One of the point of that mini addon was to revamp fishing and make it to something usefull, but novadays its still somehow outdated.


Here are suggestion how to revamp fishing and many more:


First of all fishing pies. The buffs are totally to low to make any effort to farm rare fishes, so it must be changed:

All pies duration are increased from 5 to 10 min.


-          Holy Mackerel Spirit / Unicorn Fish Endurance / Yellowtail Barracuda Vitality -  unite to 1 buff bringing 3 hpr/ 3 mr and 3 sr in one. Just alone it doesn’t worth to farm the rare fish, but if it bring 3 stat buff it would be usefull.

-          Summer Dragonfish Rage – 5 SDI is to low, increase it to 15 or 20. This buff would then used more often in pvm and doesn’t affect any pvp.

-          Giant Koi Evasion and Great Barracuda Strike 8 dci and hci is somehow weird, because it bring 3 more then enough or 2 lo less than cap and to be honest its to low. Also increase from 8 to 15, so people can cover the cap with buff pies for some kind of adventure or pvp in UO world.

-          Spider Crab Focus and Autumn Dragonfish Serenity – to be honest I never saw someone used it, I guess the bonus is to low. I would suggest to unite each of this buffs with a buff of Fairy Salmon Clarity, so we get at the end buff of 10 Meditation and 2 casticng focus or 10 Focus and 2 casting focus.

-          All damage soaks pie you can let so, no need any changes.

-          Here are new buw buffs that could be very usefull:

-          25 Ep, 3 fcR, 200 Luck, 20 LRC, 10 SSI, 25 DI, 5 str/dex/int at one.

All that new buffs could cover the cap and make more easy to build full armor suit.


NEW Suggestion:


Ancient SOS have a 10% chance to spawn an Mythic SOS in the chest ( it can get a look of a SOS but in Blaze color ).

Corgul/Scalis and Charybdis have 30% chance to spawn a Mythic SOS in its loot.

All legendary fishes have 25% chances to spawn a Mythic SOS by cut it in fishsteak.


Mythic SOS is the next lvl of SOS. It have 1-3 ( at least 1 ) NEW “unknown artifact of forgotten gods”.

Unknown artifact of forgotten gods – is an item ( any type of armor, weapon or jewelry ). It has no properties. It must be first identificated with the skill “ Item Identification. Following 3 lvl of item can be identificated.

Greater artifact of forgotten gods – can be imbued with 6 properties and has 600 property points.

Major artifact of forgotten gods – can be imbued with 7 properties and has 700 property points.

Legendary artifact of forgotten gods - can be imbued with 8 properties and has 800 property points.

GM Arms lore gives 50 points extra to imbuing new artifacts.

All Armor have all 15 ressist, All weapon have no any properties.

All  artifact of forgotten gods can be imbuied only with existing imbuing properties.

The point is, the legendary items from Shadowguard, Exodus, Scalis etc. can have properties that cant be imbued like Damage Eater, Casting Focus, Splinter, etc. So it doesn’t loose in worth.



NEW Suggestion:

All legendary fishes can be cut in named fish steak. By cutting there is a 25% chance to get Mythic SOS and 30% chance of getting random rare fish. See it as that legendary fish swallowed a rare fish as its food. ( nice thought isn’t it ? )


Alchemist can transform legendary fish steak into named fish oil. For 1 fish oil it’s needed 30 fish steaks.

Depending on legendary fish oil, it can add some buffs to an armor, weapon or jewelry and other usefull buffs.

Here are some ideas:

-          Remove brittle, antique, prized, unlucky and cursed ( can be used only to armor, weapon and jewelry )

-          Add 75 luck ( cumulative to existing luck )

-          Reskill own pet ( I guess every tamer would be happy to see that possibility to skill his pet different)

-          Add 5 Skill point to the armor part ( 30 total skill on 6 parts shouldn’t be overpowdered )




  • SethSeth Posts: 2,753
    I like quite a number of your suggestions, but not sure if they have enough time to handle all these. 
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
    ESRB warning: Some Blood. LOTS of Alcohol. Some Violence. LOTS of Bugs
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,527
    I like the idea of a Mythic SOS
    and how to obtain them...

    the armor would be a good addition to a new sea encounter

    as for the fish pies, I have never used them, but I can see what you mean
  • I used to do most HS related stuff like crazy. Long after most ppl gave up on it. I can say in general, all we had to pay for, or work very very hard for, like ingredients to make pies or the cannon stuff or lobster trapping..was too expensive. Nothing was worth doing when you had done it for a while.Actually it costed you time gold and recourses. And most all rewards were useless like baits ..even Charybdis baits that were so insanely hard to get failed to produce a charybdis .The Charybdis loot useless armor piece for the fisher! For that piece of armor to hang on a mannequin you had to do countless quests to get the Oracle and about as countless quests to get a bait , 5 charges , to be able to summon the Charybdis (also bugged and nothing happened pretty often) Also you need a big ship and spend alot on repairs . And a bunch of ppl for the fight that dont have a chance to get anything nice...  Im sure i have forgotten more things. Scalis works fine and Corgul ok, but the Corgul rewards are s bit outdated now. All this is more adjusting numbers up for some and down for some to make it enjoyable . I think this is needed most and if there is time and recources to spend on new content after that, so much better! :)
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,308
    Nice ideas !!
  • LilyGraceLilyGrace Posts: 627
    I'm afraid to say! Because I think I'm beating a dead fish and got a thread shut down! eek! But I do hope the fishers of fishes get some love.
  • ParnocParnoc Posts: 236
    edited March 2019
    @Kyronix Great suggestions from this post, I know far too many to implement all but fishing sure needs a revamp to get anyone other than us few diehard fisherman to do it.  Give us several of these so we entice some new blood, fishing is fun but it is way too time consuming and complicated for the rewards.
    And this comes from a very experienced fish order fishermen, working now on my 2,437th order and each recorded with info on content and rewards.  I know I'm incorrigible ;)
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,308
    For example, some new life and interesting content for Legendary Fishermen could see the Legendary Fish :

    - Abyssal Dragonfish
    - Black Marlin
    - Blue Marlin
    - Dungeon Pike
    - Giant Samurai Fish
    - Golden Tuna
    - Kingfish
    - Lantern Fish
    - Rainbow Fish
    - Seeker Fish
    - Spring Dragonfish
    - Stone Fish
    - Winter Dragonfish
    - Zombie Fish

    Be made possible to yield more then just a Trophy....

    For example, the Developers could make these Fish be made possible to be cut in steaks and pies or other eatables to be made from them (more work for Cooking and other Skills, for example Alchemy if drinks could be made from them distilling the juice from the steaks....) which were to provide good and longer lasting BUFFS for characters and also for pets..... of course, being Legendary "rare" Fish hard to be caught and requiring a Legendary 120 Fisherman skill, they should be significant Buffs for quite lengthy times....

    I think that such an addition would provide some usefullness for Legendary Fishermen to fish them up, for Chefs or Alchemists and perhaps other skills, to prepare those pies, drinks etc. and then for Warriors to benefit from those buffs !!

    As of now, instead, unfortunately, Legendary fish once made into a Trophy its game over...

    How many same Trophies does one need of a given type of Legendary fish ??

    I think that it is necessary to make what Legendary Fishermen can exclusively fish be more usefull and usable as to become mere Trophies....
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,308
    LilyGrace said:
    I'm afraid to say! Because I think I'm beating a dead fish and got a thread shut down! eek! But I do hope the fishers of fishes get some love.
    Indeed, to my viewing, it is time that Fishing content gets love..... MUCH love.....
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