5 Slot Spawn - 500 TP?

@Kyronix Would it be possible to make creatures that spawn at 5 slots, such as Shadow Wyrms, Greater Dragons and Dragon Turtle Hatchlings, to be able to receive even just 500 Training Points (1/3 of a full training session)? This would go a long way towards making them viable, especially the Shadow Wyrm.
We could then add 150 Stam, AI, and 30 MR to GD/DTH. Could put 120 Wrest, AI, 150 Stam and some MR on the Shadow Wyrm to make it useful for dealing damage, yet it would still remain a bit of a glass cannon.


  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    IMHO if 5 slots is the max you can train a pet to then there should be no tamable pet spawning at 5 slot.
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