My Characters Keeps "Pathfinding" On Single Click

I am using Classic Client with Win10. I noticed several years ago, that one of my characters had a habit of randomly triggering pathfinding on a single right mouse click as I hold down the right mouse to move. Pathfinding is only supposed to be triggered on a double right mouse click & only supposed to work if you have it enabled in the options. The issue became worse & worse over time & was limited to this one character. Now years later, this behavior has spread to other characters. Do you know how infuriating is is to try to stealth when 40% of the time a single mouse click to move your character has triggered pathfinding, you stop & move your mouse to some other part of the screen and your character zooms off & becomes revaled - or when your mage cast self-invis only to be revealed 0.5 sec later because your character will not stop moving? Pathfinding has to be exited by reclicking the right mouse button when you realize you are in it. But it is random. So you do not know until it is too late.

I have gone to the UO options menu and completely disabled pathfinding. It has no effect whether it is enabled or disabled. I can randomly enter path finding with single click & can 100% trigger it with double right click.

This behavior has occurred in WinXP & now Win10. @Kyronix @Bleak what must I do to fix this? Also, what additional information do you require?


  • cobbcobb Posts: 163
    It could be a problem with your mouse. Over time the right mouse button could have been worn down and now it is overly sensitive. So when you try to single click, it can easily register as a double click
  • It happens with two different mice, but I will try a third mouse that i do not use much.

    Still do not know why I cannot disable pathfinding in the options like it shows.
  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    @Estel_Randi does it come up with a message above your head that says "Pathfinding!"?
    If not, i would say you're not pathfinding, i would say you're accidentally holding down right click then single clicking the left click, this will toggle "always run" function on, and this will break again upon a single right click.
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