Wedding in UWSP Town ! Saturday, 15th December 2018 at 3PM EST (8PM UK)

Howdy Siege Perilous Citizens !!! We are here to invite all of you in UWSP Town, 15th December at 3PM EST for the Wedding between Me and Tanager ! All are more than welcome to join us and at the end of the Wedding there will be a little party to celebrate ! There is no need to bring any armor or suit and if you have Spirit Speak skill, this will be a good moment to bring it with you because, probably, we'll do some parts of the event in grey form  :#

We wait you !!!


  • Thank you all for sharing with us this wonderful day ! Was an amazing celebration and day for me and Tanager ! Very fun and full of joy ! Thank you all that join and thank you to DJ Def for playing our 70s-80s playlist !!!


    In the pic you can see the steward that will give you a present from us as memory for this wonderful day !!! To get it just say " Thanks" !!!!
    Thank you all... It's the best day in our UO life !!! grouphuggrouphuggrouphuggrouphuggrouphugheartheartheartheartheartheartheartheart
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