A Farewell - EM Dramnar

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Hey folks,

Ending my story last night was a very strange feeling...

I've never ended a story before.

Like Ultima itself, my stories have always blended on from one to the next... for six years now and over two shards my stories have connected to one another in some way. But this time, it ends here.
I hope, through the jumbled and sometimes confusing mess that is my imagination, you've enjoyed yourselves. I know I have.
The memories I will take with me from serving you here as your EM will stay with me forever.

It is in stories that we can explore the parts of ourselves that we are often unable to do in the real world... I wonder then what that means for me, having spent a lot of time trying to kill you all as often as possible. Heh... Ah well!

I don't know what the future will bring, I may return one way to tell a new story...  but for now as a player since '98 and an EM since '13 it's time to end my own story.

I have taken inspiration from many places... Tolkien, Pratchett, Gaiman... but by far the biggest inspiration for my stories have been from you, the players.

I wish whoever gets this wonderful shard, to call their home as EM for as long as they serve, the absolute best of luck... but even more, I wish you all a happy future here... for many many years to come.

Thank you all... and remember...

The shard is, in the end, just one piece of a multiverse made up of pixels and memories... the most important part of it is you all. Without you it wouldn't mean anything.

You are Ultima.

*tips his hat*

EM Dramnar

Chesapeake 2013-2016
Catskills 2016-2018


  • Many of us are very sad to see you go.  There was a depth and richness to your stories that captured our imagination.  We wish you the best of luck in all you endeavor.  Fond farewell for now.
  • Thank you for your Awesome Events. They were really well thought out. I wish you luck in what you do next and you will be missed on Cats.
  • JudasJudas Posts: 46
    Thanks so much, Dramnar.  The Catskills community definitely appreciated all the hard work and thoughtfulness you put into your events and the community.
  • TMTTMT Posts: 10
    thanks for everything  and friggin' enjoy life! ;D
  • PitrPitr Posts: 41
    Thank you for the fun!
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