Snowball Fight – December 13th at 9PM EST

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Hey everyone,  I will be hosting a snowball fight on Dec 13th.  Let me start off by giving some hints as this event is not the norm.

Hint 1 – Tamers, Mages, Warriors, and Crafters(lol) will be useless against this boss and you will get no looting rights if you attack him by normal means

Hint 2 – Please bring snow piles and pies – I will provide you with something to throw if you do not already have one.  So please grab one from me

Please note these hints or you will have a disappointing event and wont be able to participate

Meet at Blackthorns Castle


A sudden hush fell over the gathered warriors as the rumbling and groaning of a potential avalanche slowly faded into the eerie silence of the mountain pass once more. The rustling of the mounts under riders lending a nervous energy to the group as the slow push up hill began again. The sound of dripping water lending urgency to their trek as the thaw is underway. This deep into the polar ice caps a thaw is unheard of and can only spell disaster for all if the evil behind it is not stopped immediately. 

An ear splitting roar from the mountain ahead and all at once there is a shift in the ranks. Warriors firming up on their weapons as mages gather their magic. A wave of shuddering trees heralding in the rotten smell of brimstone causing the mounts to buck and prance and riders to shift their seat.  A wave of guardians burst forth as we band together and charge them, battle cry at the ready as we stare down death TO VICTORY!!! 

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