Oh man! No traffic in this section???! I just got my first vendor on Izumo! :-D

Not only did I get my first vendor on Izumo...

Its in Loony Luna!  West side.  Inside... just next to the west road out of the bank.

Same day I swore publicly I would never take a vendor outside my town on Atlantic.  hehe

I happened to be working skills on my Shopping Pixie girl... when someone started talking to me in English!  That has never happened in over 10 years of visiting Izumo.  Thus, I made a new friend.  A new friend... happens... originally played Atlantic!  Now lives on Izumo.

Such a small world... even in a tiny univerce such as ours.

I was hoping some kind of community existed on these new boards.  I guess its just me.  No point in buying and selling to myself!

I also am looking for things to be exported to Atlantic and can do favors.

I've seen more players on Izumo... no matter how they ignore me... then on any non-Atlantic English speaking shard.  Amazing!  And this shard used to be packed with such beautiful houses.  Now... not packed, still has beautiful houses.  Worth a wonder-about if you fancy an adventure.

You could always visit my west-side vendor... selling Atlantic goods, and take them back to Atlantic.  hehe

I've sold goods on Pac too... and Great lakes.... and Napa.  Years over years.  At least this one is fun to shop on.

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    I dont play Izumo, but suggest if you want more English Speakers, should try Formosa. At least, Taiwanese can read English better than Japanese. We hope to make Formosa the Atlantic of Asia and also the main English Speaking shard. 
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