Skill use suggestion: Item Identification

Item Identification seem is useless now, hope can make it useful again.
suggestion:   after using Item Identification skill on a item before selling to the npc,
it will like gambling, the item can sell higher price to the npc, or will lower the price to sell to npc as usual.  
higher skill will more chance to success higher price,  each item can only identification 1 times.


  • OkamiOkami Posts: 32
    You are correct that the skill is sub par and could have improved usage, but the counterpoint to your suggestion:

    How often will you be selling items to an NPC?

    I would say the best improvement to functionality for it would be to feed on the additional use it has in identifying what level unravel ingredient, on top of the NPC merchant value.

    In my opinion, I would have higher levels of Item ID add to what ingredients you can obtain from unraveling.

    With a increase of skill range, add in secondary ingredients for imbuing, like Vitriol, Reflective Wolf Eyes, etc, with GM level Item ID generating "essence" ingredients.

    It makes it a companion "gathering" skill to Imbue itself. You could even have it also effect "recycling" of blacksmith and tailored items, either increasing yield on salvage, or again, add in rare ingredients not normally located easily elsewhere.
  • poppspopps Posts: 702
    Item Identification is so much neglected that I do not even see it within the List of Skills on the Ultima Online Wiki !!

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