The cake is a lie...

Dot_WarnerDot_Warner Posts: 233
Three tiered cakes have a weird problem. If you put them in your pack and try to remove a slice you usually get the message "You do not have enough space for this in your backpack!" (You CAN get slices if you have a virtually empty pack...which isn't a realistic expectation for a veteran player.)

I'm nowhere near my weight limit and can hold 35 more items, but apparently a piece of cake is beyond my abilities. :D  

Is Fezzik an escapee from Aperture Science?

Please fix the cake. 



  • GidgeGidge Posts: 426
    The cake must be made from sawdust *pllfffthhhh* of the wood that my bulletin board is made from.

    In my backpack, one item.
    Attempting to lock down, way more than one.
    Once locked down, one lockdown. 

    I am going to test a cake tonight to see if I get the same results as the BB. I will letcha know.

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