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went to test center to try out the new recipe book was super excited but i see lots of complaints in the future

the recipe book would work better if the item count worked like the power scroll book or god forbid the bod book which it is fashioned after or even the jewelry box


  • im even okay if it worked like the power scroll book and had to be locked down to use
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    I just put 182 recipes into one, while it was locked down.
    while it was locked down, it uses up 125 lockdowns.

    I retrieved it from the floor & my backpack now has 160 items in it.

    I locked it back down and then redeemed the holiday token in my backpack.
    then retrieved the recipe book again, with a backpack total of 164 items
    (it was counting the whole book as 125)
  • a full recipe book holds 250 recipes but uses up 125 lockdowns
    if you have 125 recipes in a second one, it also uses 125 lockdowns

  • Item count should be fractional or just 1.
  • Item count should be fractional or just 1.
    I agree
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    brianna said:
    im even okay if it worked like the power scroll book and had to be locked down to use
    You have to unlock your power scroll book to use it???

    i don’t see what the issue is, you save on lockdowns using a recipe book. Give an inch and people ask for a mile. Withdraw the book completely due to ungrateful feedback. 
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  • no the issue is it uses lockdowns, 
    one lockdown  for each scroll that is added to it, up to 125. (100 of them doesn't take lockdowns)

    currently you put them into containers, then they use up storage, not lockdowns.

    lot of us like to be able to be able to decorate our houses...

    would be better if it took one lockdown, or fractional like the BOD book does
    50 (book holds 250 recipes, which is half what the BOD book holds)

    if each one you put in counts as 1 count, up to the 125
    then I can see people that don't have very many, to not use it
    cause of the fact it uses up lockdowns in your house

  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 302
    When you put the book on a vendor the message pops up when you hit escape for *Not For Sale*

    So it's not recognizing that this is a book

    Other then that and the fact that it takes up as many lockdowns as recipes that are in it PLUS the book

    I am glad you added it..just a few tweaks and it will be awesome! :)

    Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving Break!

  • Thank you for fixing the recipe book!!!!!
    a full book is now 51 lockdowns instead of 125... (checked it on TC)
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