Search for Skattles - conclusion

From the desk of Dr. Jerred DeSule:

The Bureau of Justice and Intelligence in association with Governor Qualark Ventes of Vesper hereby request the assistance of the public with an investigation.

For some time, the Governor Emeritus of Vesper, Skattles II, has been missing.  Since his presumed abduction by a Vesper merchant, he has not been seen or heard from, nor have any demands been made for his return.

An investigation was launched but has reached a number of dead-ends and been stalled by staffing and budget restraints.  We are calling on the public to assist.

To begin, please visit the Bureau's office at at 33° 50'S, 14° 12'E.  Transport from the Vesper bank via a teleporter will also be available.  The notes on the investigation are in the white books on the black table.

The first to identify the whereabouts of Skattles shall receive a 30 million gold reward and our deepest gratitude.  Should no one find the missing dog by December 17th, we will regrettably close the investigation and file an official notice of death.

We will open the doors to the office beginning at 6PM Central on November 19th. 

((This is SELF-GUIDED.  Once the doors are open, you may begin at your own pace.))

Our thanks in advance,
Dr. Jerred DeSule
& Governor Qualark Ventes of Vesper


  • There was some delay in getting the teleporter at the Vesper mint, but it is there now.  Take the teleporter labeled "Search for Skattles" to the event's start.

  • I am pleased to report Skattles has been found. Justin, a warrior of Great Lakes along with the assistance of his wife, dug through the clues, evidence, and characters of interest to at long last, find our wayward former Governor.  He has been awarded the 30M gold prize.  Dr. Jerred DeSule and Governor Qualark of Vesper thank them for their effort and offer our congratulations!

    For interested parties, a full de-brief will be given during Great Lakes' next royal council.

    (The PEC-placed items have been partially removed and the quest can no longer be completed)

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