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I would love nothing more than to enhance our crafting system with a decorating system of said crafted items - CARVING. This would give crafters a bit more of a broader market - and crafters could specialize. In real world carving (wood or stone), wooden hammers are used with chisels for intricate carvings and fine detail work (as in puzzle boxes and built-in combination locks). There are some things in the world that should be craftable, but are not, and can be used for this. This system will not alter the existing Masonry system, only enhance it. The Gargoyles can keep their monopoly on the Mallet and Chisel item for people would still need to learn to work with the stone. I'm merely looking at deco items and will NOT be looking at weapons or armor or jewelry

Here are some details...
  • Fine Chisels, Tink can craft at mid-skill for GM Carpenters to use in Fine Carvings.
    -- Changes style only of wooden items like chests, tables, etc.
    -- Uses only a couple of ingots to craft - great for building Tink skill.
    -- Percentage chance for difficulty level based on material used to create tool
  • Wooden Hammer - Tink can craft at mid-skill for GM Carpenter can make almost all deco .
    -- Changes style only of wooden items like chests, tables - no other properties are changed
    -- Uses only a couple of boards to craft - great for building Tink skill.
    -- Percentage chance for difficulty level based on material used to create tool 
  • Enforced Chisels, GM+ Smithy enhances Fine Chisels with more ingots; GM Carpenter can use to change deco style as well as make stone containers. (yes, I want a stone box!!)
    -- changes style only of stone items like chairs, tables, and hopefully containers
    -- different colors infuses better tool success, but doesn't change the base color of the tool
  • Wood Carving Kit - Can make most any deco/enhancement, add combination lock to chests, and wooden container engraving.
    -- Assembled kit where a Wooden Hammer and Fine Chisels are combined
    -- Legendary Carpenter to use, Elder Tink to create
  • Stone Mason Kit - Can make most any deco/enhancement to stone items, add combination lock to chests (stone box!!), and engrave stone items (not just containers)
    -- Assembled kit where a Wooden Hammer and Steel Chisel would be combined
    -- Legendary Carpenter to use, Elder Tink to create.

Carving can incorporate new "styles" at varying degree of tool quality, or even on base metal/wood used to create tools. For example (and this is just my whimsy thought process)...
  • Plain wood/dull copper and iron = Saxon Style (geographic shapes, swirls, etc.)
  • Oak/Shadow= Demon, evil (monsters)
  • Ash/Copper = Celtic/Norse knotwork (dragons, horses)
  • Yew/Bronze = Human Shapes (Kings, Queens, crowns, etc.)
  • Bloodwood/Golden = Asian Designs
  • Heartwood/Agapite = Elvish shapes (nature)
  • Frostwood/Verite & Valorite = Winter shapes (giants, ettins, trolls) or Holidays
You get the idea. Mix it up as you wish with Chaos, Order, British, Blackthorn, Minax, etc. Basically, would only need to create new artwork for existing pieces, like a variation of a wooden chest.

For Fine Carving, a carpenter would need to do the following:
  1. Create base item (like a stone table deed or a wooden chest)
  2. Decide on enhancement level (what is skill base, what bonuses would come from what materials used in the tools or kits, etc.)
  3. Get appropriate kit
  4. Craft away. 
  5. Failure chance would be around 40% despite being legendary level, this way there is room to use talisman or other already existing buffs in the system. There will NEVER be a 100% success for the Carpenter in carving an item; I'd say best would be around 90-97%
  6. This will help lower some of the hoarding going on with resources, and possibly stir the crafters once again with something a bit more sustainable as user-tastes vary greatly across the game. 
I'd finally like to mention that there is room for flexibility with this idea/system which can be applied to other things like Tailoring, and maybe even Scribe works. 

I'm not sure how this will impact the database, tried to think of ways to not need to add a whole bunch of fields as once the carving kit is applied, and successful, the item would change permanently and never change again. Yeah, I'd make it a one-time change with the Carving Kits as a whole lot of the base item would be whittled away. A new Item-ID with artwork using existing fields for additional naming (as implemented with metal container engraving tool) and the combination lock (as used with the secret chest). Basically, in the program, the base item would be destroyed to help create the new item. Of course, that would depend upon the database relations.... but I dunno the structure.

, this is something I've had bouncing around in my head ever since the elves invaded Sosaria. Do with it as you will.

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    A soft voice whispers from the castle in Yew...
    ((an corp))

    Thanks Kat.

    Dredging this up... my crafter is bored with making weapons and armor - she wants to get back to decorative things.

    Of note, I know Carpentry only GMs... but I don't think it would be too hard to up the potential skill caps so long as there is a use for it.

    This can also be segway to more armor/weapon "modifications" without adding new resources into the mix. Pls, no more resources.... More skill and a new tool... should be simple enough to map out in the db.

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    Excellent ideas one and all. I like. 
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    Great suggestions !!

    Besides, if the necessary tools and materials where to be made a spawn in Artisans' Treasure Chests (intended for Crafters), they could well combine such new content addressed to Crafters....
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    I'm thinking I should have dragged this up sooner... particularly with the update coming. Well, one can wish.
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