[BUYING] Koti Power Core 3x

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I do wish we had a trade section divided by SHARDS... however I do have access to more then my home shard of Atlantic.  Seeing many DO have easy access TO Atlantic, I feel broadcasting this on a general area would maybe work.

I wish to buy at least 2... for décor reasons.

I have no clue how they came to be... I think I could maybe build them... I found the recipe.  :-)

But... I dont have access to those crystals needed. "Moonstone Crystal Shards" 5x each... I see them, now and then, on vendors... at outrageous price.  These "have to" be spawning... right?  How to get them.

I dont even know what these things are for... as far as a use in game other then something cool for décor.

I would love more information if anyone knows.

3 Other Shards within easy reach of the Red & Purple Empire:
     1, Pacific.
     2, Napa Valley.
     3, (not so easy) Great Lakes.
     4 (bonus), Even EASIER in reach is Izumo.

Please let me know if you can hook me up... or PM me... or even post more data here.  Thanks!

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