PSA: The Oceania EM only uses the 'General' channel, and all events are Trammel-based

EM TychoEM Tycho Posts: 78Event Moderator
Please be aware that EM Tycho utilizes the 'General' chat channel at all times when on the shard. While several players may use one of the Help channels, not all do, and having four different Event / Help channels (as we did tonight) is not conducive to getting players who are late or who serendipitously arrive during an event up to speed.

Multiple channels are being created to give misdirection to players during events. As always, I will only be in General, and I will not instruct you to travel to Felucia for any part of an event. This happened tonight, and while I tried to correct it, as a rule please remember only information from a character named EM Tycho or one of his helpers who provide instructions at the beginning of events  is genuine.

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