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So, I see most every sampire running with Swords. I was considering going with Macing. Is there a reason I should just go with Swords? Black staffs are faster than double axes so I wouldn't have to worry about as much SSI, also the Tessen's Feint I think would be good for the Gauntlet? 
One more question; is the standard template for a sampire 120Wep/120tact/120bushido/120parry/gm Necro/ 80 chiv? and what 60 magic resist or something? I'm curious how to fit magic resist on to the template for higher end mobs.


  • Well, template and suit are like hand and hand.

     Depending on what you want to focus on (I haven't done revamped doom /gauntlet yet) you may or may not take certain things to 120 or not, or sacrifice spots on your jewels for skill points/whatever.

     I had 20 spellweaving and got a no skill focus on one sampire I made, and seem to recall that was pretty sweet at times.

     The sampire thing I'm doing now doesn't have .1 in resisting spells at the moment, and I can make trap boxes if I'm worried for para spam. My suit has extra physical resist built in so I can use protection and can cast spells no matter what's hitting me/poison tick/whatever. I will say that is indescribably awesome and recommend people try it. Typical stats and ssi on jewels 194 stam, 20 SSI on jewels, etc. I don't usually carry potions but have been considering it.

     Just be sure to cast protection on yourself before you use VE because the garlic reagent (even if 100% lrc) will keep you from successfully casting the spell and cause you damage otherwise. Well hope this helped. Also maces should be wonderful considering the uberness and ease of reaching your 1.25's and such with gear now.
  • Thanks. I also see people running with only 60 chiv, are they using +skill on their jewels? Or is 60 the new norm?
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    Thanks. I also see people running with only 60 chiv, are they using +skill on their jewels? Or is 60 the new norm?
    I thought that with MASTERIES' property bonuses only "real" skill mattered...

    And Chivalry has quite good Mastery property bonuses... so, why would one not want to have Chivalry as a "real" skill so as to take full advantage of its Masteries ?
  • because for PvM chivalry mastery has little to no use whereas the swords mastery allows you to lower specific resists of the monster you're fighting by use of onslaught thus increasing your damage output enormously. Another nice effect is the passive 5 hci, dci and str bonus. To get the most out of onslaught you want 120 swords and 120 tactics (real skill).
    Some people also like to go with 120 bushido real skill so they can use the bushido mastery effectively.

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    Yes, I am beginning to find the Bushido mastery more useful especially for better Confidence and that extra 10 mana helps. I use Sword mastery is only for the Onslaught, which may be useful against some bosses.
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    There's a great thread if you Google "modern sampire" . It's over on stratice. Tons of people have posted.. Well worth the read. Sorry can't post a like but if you Google it you will find it. 
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