Bring back the trade forums. Ability to edit posts is needed.

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So not being able to edit posts kinda sucks.   Just noticed a typo is my last thread.  cant edit.

The trade forum here is dead.  reason being you cant edit posts.  Any experienced UO trader will tell you updates to original sales threads (prices, marking an item "sold", bids in an auction, adding new items etc) are mandatory for a successful trade post or auction.

Is it a limitation of the forum software?  or intended? 

One way or another, id like to see what others think.
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  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    The one hour edit preserves integrity, but you should indefinitely have the option to delete a comment.

    As for marking things as sold, perhaps there could be an option to do so without needing to edit the content.

    (this thread should maybe be under the forum feedback sub section) 
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    how would you suggest updating bids in an auction? 

    how would let people know an item is sold when theres 50 or so items for sale in a thread?

    only other option would be for each person to post there 10 to 100 items in seperate threads, which would clutter any forum extremely quickly.

    the poeple i talk to in UO the most were all going to make a push to exclusively use, but its just not a viable platform to buy / sell / trade right now.  i think thats pretty apparent by non-existent activity in the rares forum.

    If the devs dont want to have a useable trade section, thats fine.  the general discussion is ok here.  but it would be nice to be able to come to one place for all our UO needs.

    i agree that limiting editing helps post integrity, but i can really only see that being beneficial to the general discusssions.  not sales thread.  people raise or lower prices all the time depending on how quickly they need gold.  i often have the same sales thread up for over a year, removing old items as their sold and adding in new ones, adjusting prices when needed. 
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