A formal protest against the destruction of shard historical monuments.

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Each shard of the gem of immortality has its own unique history. Players, guilds, and towns come and go. Some last long enough to make an impact - to have a monument erected in their honor. These monuments are a part of each shard's distinct history. The players might move on, the towns fade away - but history is history.

These should NOT be removed. Ever.

If one is later found to be blocking house placement - move the monument. If the town or the player that the monument honors is long gone, then so be it. That town was there long enough to become a significant part of its community's history, and tearing down its memorial just because they are gone now is like kicking over a grave stone. Some members of the community who where there when that history was made are still here.

A long standing memorial was recently removed on Siege Perilous. I have not confirmed this, but I have heard this is being done on other shards as well. Is there so little space that these must be destroyed to make room for Sosaria's teeming masses and throngs of player towns?

I appreciate all the hard work that our Dev team does, and I love this world I have called home for many years. However, I am respectfully lodging a formal protest. Please restore our Barter Town monument! (Fix the tree, though, please.)



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  • I second this, please restore the monument.
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  • With the population we have now, there's no way we need the room lol.

    I agree tho, in principle, history is history and should be left alone

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    Put it back, put it all back.
  • I'm sorry me too to see these pieces of Uo history are taken away :( .... If they are really a problem for placing, they can be moved or replaced with a little stone or monument of one tile engraved, as memory of the town (maybe with name of the town or date if someone remember them ) Begging
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    I seen  where someone wanted stuff removed because "THEY didn't know the significance", it's just a useless lamp, piece of meat, a kindling that once burnt, respawns the next day. They go around saying....clean up this place!!

    On LS a guard tower was removed so someone could place a castle. A WHOLE GUARD TOWER!!!!
    I don't know who else noticed but surely did when it happened years ago.

    There really should be a serious protocol for removal of objects. The only things I don't worry about are the little piles of stew everywhere and things that were once in a house, and now block house placement. Those they can clearly tell should have poofed.
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    I was going to provide the dissenting argument but decided against it..
    You and Several Others like this.

    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
  • Oh while you remove those stuff just go on and merch those death shards
  • I think if they merged dead shards, people will be upset they didn't get to keep their house spot. I watched a Dev log video I think when that bald guy was still Franchise producer..He might still be. I don't know for sure. He used to get on twitter and talk about other video games like way more than UO though.. like Hey I'm the lead dude for the Ultima Franchise.. let's talk about other games and further distance myself from the game franchise I should be um.. producing.
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    Aye, agreed.
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    Yes, leave the history intact!  I would also recommend a policy where EMs follow this guideline as well.  On Pacific, previous EMs had set up a house where they displayed items bearing the names of former contest winners.  It was a nice museum of memories.  Unfortunately, one of the newer EMs (I forget who now) removed all these items.  If you want to redesign or redecorate fine, but make certain you leave the shard reward items out somewhere for us to enjoy!
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