Fishing tournament for the month of November

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 89Event Moderator
Greetings all.  For the month of November we will be after the Fairy Salmon which can be caught in the waters of Ter Mur.  Please take a few moments and try your luck at fishing in between all the Halloween adventures.  If you catch one and would like to submit it to the contest please drop in the mailbox at my Britain Moongate House. (Map Below)  If you turn in the heaviest fish, it will be stuffed and mounted and put on display at Luna Bank for bragging rights.  Good Luck Fishers!!!


  • EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 89Event Moderator
    Greetings Everyone - Another huge thank you to all the fishing participants this month, Remember your efforts are noted.  The winner this month is - for the 3rd month in a row with a 196 stone Fairy Salmon is Persephone.  Congrats to Persephone on a job well done.

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