Anyone Interested in a Portal Trade?

The Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood... the town the Mini Mall lives (Tram)…

The newest building of the 6 is "The Drunken Pixie Pub"... (Building #6)

What is... a pub… AND a teleportal hub. Granted, the building is tiny. Its sure not the massive Teleporter Hub of Goodman's, however, it will easily hold 5 or more. All depending. Malls, Libraries… or what have you, as long as you are active in the Atlantic Community.

If you wish to have a look, its just South-East of the Mini Mall, looks like a tree-top Pub. The basement or dungeon is all tricked out like a leaky old dungeon or cave. Full of webs and rocks. When the mall goes to Winger (mid December normally), the hub may look like an ice cave.

Granted, I got this started some years ago... after waiting YEARS for the old house to fall... and NEVER seeing anyone attached to it in over 10 years. More like 13! Whenever I started thinking of taking over the entire clearing. cool The rough design was easy, however it just became more of a storage closet and I'm seriously working on that currently. That, and re-opening the Plant Shop vendors (just started a new batch of plants!) This also long before the new bar parts! I replaced the old-school bar with the new. Looks way better.

Clearly, one of the pads in the Hub will have a pad to the Mini Mall's Library.

SO! If you'd be interested… please PM me or ICQ me...
or send me a donation on Paypal. (Just kidding.)

ALSO! New vendors are coming to the Mini Mall... and loads of old abandoned vendors are out, waiting for new vendors, waiting to make unlimited gold the honest way.

Owner of the Red & Purple Mini Mall, established 2001. - The Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood [Town] Atlantic Shard.
Proud member of the Department of Mayhem.
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