Hidden Chests double locked.

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As you can see below, the chest was detected, then unlocked and then would not let me open it, so I had to unlock it again. I have had this multiple times. I don't mind in a quiet area, but in the spawn area is more than death often.


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    The chests relock after a random amount of time, if not looted empty before they despawn. Even the Puzzle Chests can undergo a conventional re-lock, requiring the chest to be picked to finish looting it, well before it actually resets to a new tumbler combination & contents.
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 391
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    Yes, but I literally unlocked it and then tried to open it within a second and it said it was locked. I am very quick about it and am aware of the "relocking after time" and have posted that this may be why that some are getting the "you can't pick that up" message when trying to steal the relics from the puzzles. My suggestion on that post was to attempt to unlock it if it happens again. I do not like unlocking the chest, attempting to open it and casting my cure to only find that the chest was not really unlocked. (and yes I know reagents are free but it isn't the regents) I can deal with it rather well, as that's my style, I just don't like that it happens and consider it a bug, hence why I posted it as such.

    My journal above does not show time stamps or you would see it truly does not unlock. As in having a double lock.

    If that is the case, that's fine. But not okay otherwise.

    I hope the Dev team did not assume that I am just slow and complaining as well.

    Below I have highlighted where I unlocked it and then attempted to open in within a second, chances are... less and it would not open because it was not unlocked.
    Then a series of unlock attempts again before it unlocked again.

    No I did not leave the area, have to run, or have to kill anything to delay my opening of the chest.

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