Submitting a TC keep.

Is this new? I cant place any deco or masonry pieces and then submit to the competition.I thought it was ok and the stuff was removed if the place were a winner and ended up on the tool. I dont have a keep on my shard, but  I wanted to practice and have fun so I placed some plots, The first turned out rather well . I left lots of open doorways for ppl to do what they liked with.. But such places dont get any votes it seems . Soo I  made the pieces that look good to me , in gold granite , so it is visible where the gaps are. arches, secret doors , and walls. Then i placed items like forge soulforge , crafting machines and more to see tow they fit in.  Hit the submit button and nope, not deco nothing loose.  :(  Was it just me that didnt know?  Its ok for me but I think i will not submit for now and have some deco fun  ;)
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