Post-event Followup and Responses to a Few Questions

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Hello everyone,

I want to follow up with the conversation we had after this past weekend's event. First of all, I would like to apologize again for the lack of space and mobs for a crowd of that size. When I planned the event I based it on the last two events we held at the same time slot. Obviously we had far, far more folks this weekend. It was a truly staggering amount. My setup would have been a good challenge for our usual size but it was totally inadequate for what we experienced. That's on me. In the future I will plan as if we will be hosting Atlantic-sized crowds.

Second, for one of our events in November, we will attempt to try an alternate timeslot. This is going to involve me getting up at 4:30 AM on my off day from my primary job, but it will allow Oceania players who are only available on later weekend nights a chance to participate. Currently I have this mapped out for 9 PM Sydney time (so 7 PM and 8 PM for points westward). If the time works out for everyone I will do my best to work one or two events per month into that slot.

Finally, please understand that there are certain guidelines / restrictions that the EMs work under that apply to all shards (including Oceania). I cannot alter these, though on rare occasions (RARE being the keyword) I may be able to obtain permission to bend them possibly. Because I have been asked a handful of the same questions repeatedly at each event, I'm going to outline them here:

1. I cannot have "Shard Bound" applied to all EM Reward items. I may be allowed to have it applied to an occasional item (rarely). Generally, Oceania will follow all other shards in this manner.

2. I cannot have the number of drops increased so that everyone gets them. I will be requesting a higher amount based on size of people we had participate at the last drop event, but I do not control the final number. In that same vein, we may on special occasions be able to get a large number of drops, but the chances of this happening are really the best for events culminating after a long story arc or multi-event lead up. Again, Oceania will match other shards in this manner.

3. I cannot limit the events to only include Oceania "home" players. I understand the feelings many of you have shared related to "cross sharders" but for several obvious reasons we cannot make events exclusive.

4. I cannot list events only in Sydney Time. Listing UO events on the official UO Calendar in US Eastern Time is a requirement of my position. I will also list them in a local server time, but I must have US Eastern on there.

So, with all that said, there are a bunch of cool things coming up that I hope you participate in and truly believe will be good for the shard. In November we will be doing our first set of Town Treasure Hunts, we will begin recruiting for Oceania's very own loyalty program (the Ordos Oceanicus), and there are rumblings that Spring's arrival down under has led to some ...troublesome... youngsters throughout the land. There will also be a Royal Council Governors meeting for the month, and I will be posting information about each of these (as well as an agenda for the Royal Council) in the coming weeks.

Lastly, the Cult activity noticed recently has yet to be fully quelled, and expect some surprises roaming the Realm in the final days of October.

As always, feel free to email me at with your suggestions, requests, and concerns.


-- EM Tycho

(Edit: I am aware of the missing deco at Luna, looking into it now. Thanks)


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