Luna Mint Entrance Updated

EM TychoEM Tycho Posts: 78Event Moderator
Greetings again Oceania,

In accordance with the desires of the Royal Council, Lord Blackthorn asked that I update the entrance to Luna Mint and the stable / moongate area.

The Crown hopes that this will be a first start in returning the Royal Council to a vehicle for the Realm.

Defend the Realm!

-- EM Tycho


  • EM TychoEM Tycho Posts: 78Event Moderator
    Hello again all,

    I mistakenly used items with a timer on them for the Luna update. This is why the area is blank now. I am trying to find permanent replacements and hope to have an update no later than the next Council meeting. This is one of those rookie EM mistakes on my part.


    EM Tycho
  • EM TychoEM Tycho Posts: 78Event Moderator
    Luna Common Area Re-decorated!

    Mesanna provided permanent versions for most of the deco I had placed. What you see in the picture below should not decay.

    The gate to the Counselor Hall or other EM Event area will be placed in the "X" prior to the event beginning.

    The areas circled in red will be changing deco placed by me. These areas will decay each week or two. I would like suggestions from all of you on creative ways we can decorate here, perhaps through contests or scores similar to the Town Treasure Hunt.

    Sorry again about the temporary removal, be sure to tell Mesanna thanks the next time you see her!

    -- EM Tycho
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