The Fort Defense is Coming

BlargetyBlargety Posts: 65
After planning quite a bit, we are officially ready to make this announcement. The Nightmare Clan Orcs will be defending the Orc Box inside of the Yew Orc Fort on Sunday, October 28th. That box will be filled with thingies, some good, some not so good. It’s what our small band of Orcs can muster and collect. 

We have left an open invitation to former members of the Shadowclan as well. Some may show up, some may not. If they do, we will do our best to equip them with competitive equipment, and show them that GM Crafted equipment is indeed back in the form of imbued gear. 

If you are a PvP God, or a crafter with UWSP, we invite you to come and try to take the fort from us on the 28th. (Time to beannounced.) We expect that you will lose your equipment. We also expect that most of you humans will indeed not be working together on the outside of the fort, but only time will tell. 

See you out their Siege. Let’s show these other shards how a real party looks.
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