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wanted to know a good magery setup on skills and such any advice is helpful havent played in years.


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    so no one has anything at all, from what people are telling me in help chat ill need some crafters as well.
  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 63
    It's a 1-sentence question that requires a novel to answer.  :)

    Start with the basics:  PvP or PvM?
  • CaigeCaige Posts: 10
  • You specifically want a mage template with no pets involved?
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    I don't think a whole lot of people are running pure mages atm because tamer and sampires are much more effective in almost every pvm encounter. 
  • eval intel is a must...

    most people I know, have either taming, spellweaving or mysticism with them

  • I've seen someone do Taming with mysticism and magery before, but to me that almost seems a waste, because Mysticism's got a pretty stout summon called Rising Colossus which takes all your pet slots. Spellweaving is pretty standard in today's builds, because you get Word of Death, along with arcane empowerment gift of renewals and gift of life. Very handy set of spells, attunement is great as well. The down side is getting a focus, but with endless journey you can level some alts up and just log them in and get a circle together whenever.

     Will also say, it's helpful to get an idea of what's out there in the game to do, before you go deciding on templates, but a good template that will rock out in a lot of stuff is a mage/tamer/spellweaver. Not hard to "fit" all your skills in it, and just decimates so much stuff you 'll be busy for years perfecting your methods, gathering gear for alts etc.

     You can also throw like 30 necro on your template and just run wraith form. With a beefed out 5 slot critter at your beck and call tossing out your spells (preferably with a slayer spell book, not hard to get these days) you'll keep your mana pretty much topped off, and able to heal pet as necessary. With my yesteryear tamer I duo shadowguard with another guy on his tamer and have plenty of fun there. Shadow guard is pretty much where the hot arties drop but I haven't gotten much but a slap in the face as far as that's concerned lol.
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    You can go the Mystic Mage route.  It's not a pure mage but gives you a good summons (Rising Colossus) that can tank most anything plus other useful spells.

    120 Mysticism
    120 Focus (or Imbuing)
    120 Magery
    120 Eval Intelligence

    Your preference on the last skills.  I have 120 Resisting Spells and 120 Spellweaving for my last two. Or on another char I have Cartography, Lock Picking, and Mining to make him a Treasure Hunter.
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    My main caster template uses a event ring from a couple years ago that is like an improved Crystalline Ring (Katalkotl's Ring) that you can choose the casting skill for

    The skills on the character are
    120 Magery
    120 Mysticism (100+20)
    120 Spellweaving
    120 Eval
    120 Focus* 
    100 Inscription 
    60 Med* -sometimes more if I am using a scrapper with med and a slayer property

    * One of those has +10 from the ring but I forget which.

    It's really fun to play, though sometimes I soulstone off the Inscription and drop 20 med, and add 120 Fishing, for fishing events.

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