Lack of events


I'm a new player considering the game as been runing since 21 years lol

I was wondering why there's just 2 events (Halloween and Artisan Festival) per year. 

Hear me here, I'm not asking for something NEW each month. Those 2 events are on a span of 4 consecutive months.

With all the lore and content in UO maybe it can be possible to reactivate old stuff for at least each 2-3 months.

So there will be missing only 2 events per year to make it more than it is now.

What's your tought about that?


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    Many have asked this over the years. More people than I can count have asked why we can't have things like Treasures of Tokuno for example ( which was more content than an actual event imo), to repeat. No good answer, if any was ever given at all to my knowledge.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it.
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    we have the EM program, which no other game  (that i know of) has anything similar.  its live content.   New content twice a month.  Yes, it may not suit everyone's playstyle but thats how the current game provides new fresh content and story, so we dont have to have as much static new content or events as other games.

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    Theres also the ongoing global lore.  You can find the lore to the global arch here on, relates to the khaldun content and many of the event moderators are incorporating the current global arch into their events lately.
  • I don't know if you know it or not, but there's a dungeon under castle blackthorn and you can get arties to turn in for better stuff that's on all the time. I'm trying to figure that out myself, seems like it takes a LONG time to get stuff by grinding the normal creatures in the dungeon, and some of the generals really suck to fight. Like not fun at all.
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