Felluca town buffs request

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i think this question was raised many times before, i wonder if we ever got a clear answer?

why are the town buffs not available in felluca for red players? 


here’s 2 additional solutions:
solution1 insists on allowing reds to recall into a very specific location in tram 3 tiles away from the city stone to take the buff and recall out.

solution 2: a vet reward of the city stone which any player could lock down in his house and benefit from it.

i trust that the devs can find several additional solutions for this problem.

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  • They still believe that reds should not be rewarded for murdering other players.   They are still stuck in 1999 on this issue.   I mean first of all the town bonus shouldn't even be attached to the governor for any reason, creates a huge power struggle.   This could be the best gold sink in game if it was separated from that and each player paid for his buff everyday!!!   But then again common sense ideas like that are far above the heads of our dev team.
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    The stones could be active in Fel if they paid 250K bribe per use that goes into the tram coffers.

    Being a governor is expensive.
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    And let them buy new city titles at 2x the price.  They can show off with vile, cruel, Mafioso, Don

    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
  • on Siege Perilous murderers can get the town buffs...

    I also would prefer a system where people had to pay for their town bonus when they claim it and in return they get to choose which one they are running for the next 24 hrs
  • Blazing suggested this way back in a cool way. Something with dungeons which have buffs for pks  
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    I like any idea that grants town buff to reds, even if it costs 100k per use
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    Yes I agree. Also the lack of town bonus is creating an awkward situation where the pk's are all blue now, but will still attack innocents.
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    What is funny is all the drama I read on the Europa Server ICQ chat as Magincia has lost its FC1 bonus. As much as I’d like to berate the payers for being so dependent on it, I know it’s not their fault. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. 

    I’ve given my opinion on this before, I think the buff should be purgeable and be lost on death like most buffs, then players wouldn’t be completely reliant on it to the point where they eat forged pardons to remain blue for it. Would also assist against power creep. 
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