What I did with a new-style keep

I tried to avoid 'over decorating'  What do others think?

The roof, a chill out area with water feature

The ground floor - a working area, including the fisher's lair

A relaxation area - including above the fisherman's lair, a small display area for special catches. I'm pretty pleased with this room, especially the bar, piano platform and that green thing up the front :D

Sleeping, bathing, and the 'executive' lounge.


  • Petra, thats very very interesting. I think the keep offers a good alternative to the classic design. Your decoration ideas are very nice, the double-beds are absolutely fantastic, I love them. 
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    I’m really envious of the executive lounge, where do you get the beautiful chair and desk from? They have

    Also please provide coordinates so we can browse :) 
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  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 250
    the table is part of the King's Collection, but I dyed it to go with the room's colour scheme. The chair is simply crafted by my carpenter.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 250
    I enjoyed this project so much that I found a spot on Europa to do it all again. After a couple of frantic days emptying a well-stuffed 18 x 18 before it fell, and several days finding filled commodity deeds that I'd forgotten to unpack, it is finally in a fit state to be seen and critiqued.

    work areas

    Display floor - don't look for rares, I don't collect them

    residential floor

    Roof. not too sure about the bandage fountains - anyone have any suggestions for that? I had a lot of fun creating the water feature. Pumpkins will be the 'seasonal display', changing as the various holidays come around.
  • No critique from me! But there were interesting details that I most likely will steal. Hope someone soon will get a winning castle  that I could live in...
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