Some Gloves

Do people still buy this kind of stuff?


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    I'm not sure what the policy is on "bumping" but I don't think of this as a bump, because I have some leggings I'd like to advertise also.

    Anyone buy this stuff? Is there a place to price check? Do people still use stratics forums for that? I actually think I prefer these forums because I know people are paying to play the game if they are posting here and not just lurkers that complain about stuff.

     These go towards "non-medable" studded right? So both pieces have innate 3% LMC, but you'd have to remove the mage armor off the gloves, and each have a free imbue slot, so you can toss maybe 8% lmc or 5 hp increase or whatever. Don't forget to pof before doing whatever, and I'd splurge and get a Forged Metal of Artifacts to enhance with whatever flavor hide you're eyeing. Not really sure how "good" this stuff is, I have seen stuff with so many mods I had to double count to make sure I wasn't missing something lol. Anyhow the 10 stam and 5 dex with regens seems like this would be a good dexer piece, I love the 5 dex and 8 stam pieces I've crafted for myself in the past, but this is pretty good. Probably great for a 210-211 stam suit if people still run that.
  • I suppose this a bump, is there any price check available? Do these hold any market value?
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